Combat Workplace Stress with Ayurveda

For good health, the key is having good mental health. It is the one thing that we find most difficult to talk about. Several ailments have its roots in this abstract world which later influences our health. Do we want to know this abstract world, or can we not gather the mindful intelligence to know more about it. Ayurveda has well defined the concept of Mind, the very process of desire to need is well defined. The mind is first, most of the time to accept and motivate for the good and then the body executes. So for a sound body and health one needs to have great mental health.

Ayurveda has defined how your body seasons, lifestyle, diet influences mind and body. The entire motto is towards achieving longevity and sound health. From morning till night, each thing around us influences this balance, we knowingly or unknowingly change it for our best understanding on a very platonic level but fail to understand its deeper influence regarding our health.

Ayurveda can help the body to cope with stress using herbs. These herbs impact the body to alter the stress stimulation of stress hormones. These herbs balance the body’s frontal cortex to a point of de-stressing or re-aligning the body to relax. Our body shows the stress of impact on the brain, heart, liver, and the kidney. This impact is the key cause of disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, anxiety etc. It is with right herbs we can have an apoptogenic stress healing impact on the body. Apart from issues related to stress, the consumption of herbs help to heighten the immunity and increase longevity in various forms.

Diet in Ayurveda is explained in detail. We need to understand the fundamentals of it and implement it in our office environment. Diet and circadian rhythms are linked. When to consume food and how it impacts your body both physically and mentally are explained well in Ayurveda.

To set a diet pattern for a 12-hour shift becomes easy when we balance Ayurveda dietetics. Ayurveda dietetics has a huge role to play in impacting chronic ailments. If one is made aware of this, we can push the severity of that aliment away.

Detox and therapies can have a huge impact on reversing the impact of stress on the physical body. Simple oil massage can help as a stress buster. Specialized oil flow therapy in Ayurveda on the forehead is the best the mechanism to beat stress known by human detoxes done time to time can help you beat stress and keep the body young biologically

Stress in modern times is linked with aspirations, work, growth and the likes. However, it can align our body and mind with the basic principles of nature to enable combating stress but still maintain a healthy balance for a longer and more fulfilling life. 

  • The author of this article is Dr. Onkar Rajiv Bilgi- Co-Founder We R Wellness


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