Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic Maharishi Ayurveda Launches AyurDefence-AV

One of the pioneering Science-based Ayurveda company — Maharishi Ayurveda today announced the expansion of its Ayurvedic Healthcare portfolio with the launch of its 100% Ayurvedic product AyurDefence-AV amidst theCOVID-19pandemic. This is completely a herbal product made up of the combination of 19 herbs, possessing functional attributes of turning out to be the armour against viral infection & seasonal flu. It has the property to enhance the body’s innate intelligence, which works synergistically for more vitality, inner strength, stability and balance to strengthen immunity.

Announcing the launch, Maharishi Ayurveda Chairman, Mr Anand Shrivastava, said, “Given the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are passing through the age of infection wherein protecting ourselves from this is utmost important for survival. In such a situation, recognising the non-availability of medicines for curing viral infections, and realising the fact that firstly not all the population gets infected, whilst most of those who do get infected also recoup, excepting a few who  pass-away, we have launched this product, which is the need of the hour.

“The launch of this product is a step forward in the direction of launching products based on the age-old knowledge of Ayurveda in modern-day convenient formats. We always try to introduce safe, effective and affordable health care products for all by marrying the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda with modern-day science & technology. The synergistic effect of the herbs in AyurDefence-AV helps the body strengthen its immunity”, added Mr Anand Shrivastava.

Upon asking specific question whether AyurDefence-AV will be effective for covid-19 virus also? Mr Shrivastava further added that “Covid-19 is also a virus and like other viruses present in the atmosphere there is no medicine to kill this virus as well. Our body’s immunity is the only remedy to give appropriate response to covid-19 in the same way as, it deals with any other virus. Since AyurDefence-AV strengthens body’s immunity and defence mechanism, it will be definitely helpful to our physiology in getting rid of the virus very soon. If AyurDefence-AV tables are taken immediately upon seeing the initial symptoms like sore throat, headache, stiffness, etc. it will support the physiology in preventing further spread of the virus and one can be free from infection faster, without much damage”

Viral infections or flu indicated by symptoms like runny nose, sore or strep throat, body ache, stiffness, headache, shortness of breath result in drowsiness, weakness, sluggishness and much more depending upon the type of virus or other pathogens involved. The symptoms differ and sometimes depending upon the comorbid conditions may become serious or even fatal.

“We have been passing through the time of viral infection. Usually, we get infected through bacterial infections as well as the viral infection. However, for bacterial infections, some antibiotic medicines are available, but for other pathogens, specifically in viral infections, antibiotic medicines do not work and neither is any medicine available for treating such viruses. Nowadays, people who are worried about the side effects of the medicines, this product – AyurDefence-AV will work wonders for them”, said, Dr Saurabh Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital.

AyurDefence-AV is made up of 19 herbs, which help the body to combat the viral infection and flu-like symptoms e.g. fever, runny nose, difficulty in breathing, cough, headache, stiffness. The synergistic effect of the herbs in it also helps the body to strengthen its immunity.

As AyurDefence-AV is a combination of well-known, highly effective herbs like — Tulsi, Kali Mirch (Piper Nigrum), Ginger, Long pepper, Cumin, Licorice, Bilva ,Giloy, Sonth, Pippali, Mulethi and Lahsun. And these herbs have the characteristics to strengthen the body’s guard against any external health threats including bacterial and viral infection. This product made up of herbs also works as Bronchodilator, Immuno-modulator, Antimicrobial, Anti-allergic, Antipyretic, Analgesic, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory and Antitussive.

It promotes balance in Dosha, Agni and Dhatu, eliminates Ama (improperly-digested impurities) that can block microcirculatory channels. This way Ama is reduced and does not reach the other parts of the body, especially the respiratory system, hence prevents creation of weak sites. This also helps decrease microbial load, balance mucus production and in building immunity. It also promotes Ojas, which further promotes the balance, provides vigour to the body and strengthens immunity.


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