Caretaker Medical and CliniFusion Form Key Partnership

CliniFusion, a cutting-edge, cloud-based EMR software provider specializing in Ketamine Infusions and Wellness Centershas formed a strategic partnership with Caretaker Medical Inc., a wireless patient monitoring innovator that has transformed bulky, spot-check monitoring with continuous Blood Pressure and Vital Signs from a simple finger cuff.

The partnership streamlines the capture of real-time patient data into a scalable IOS and Windows platform (EMR) allowing for faster, more accurate patient care for medical providers, and a more convenient, comfortable patient experience. The automatic data transfer saves time by transferring continuous “Beat by Beat” Blood Pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs, as opposed to current, manual transfer options. The real-time patient monitoring and documentation will also allow medical staff to track short and long-term trends of patients more easily and effectively. Researchers will also find the longitudinal data trends useful when undergoing new research studies and grant funding.

“Ketamine Infusion therapy is an exciting option for patients suffering from multiple ailments. With new clinics opening and practices adding this treatment to their existing care model, quality of care could not be more important. Utilizing the benefits of CliniFusion and Caretaker allows providers that time saving measure of charting accurate vitals, freeing up more time to provide quality care. Additionally, with the technology of real-time accurate vital data being pushed to CliniFusion, we may be able to get a deeper insight into patient reaction and outcomes that would push industry change from Non-FDA to FDA approved treatment.” – Sonny Diaz (Assistant Developer/Partner)

Jeff Pompeo, Caretaker Medical’s president & CEO added, “We are pleased to be partnering with CliniFusion to deliver a comprehensive, easy-to-deploy, patient management solution for Ketamine clinics. Our Caretaker4 wireless finger-cuff delivers uninterrupted, streaming Blood Pressure, Vital Signs, and physiological measurements to the Clinifusion platform, to reveal real-time patient health, to maximize patient safety and comfort, and to optimize clinical workflow.”

In addition to an improvement in patient care, the partnership will help reduce time and costs of administrative functions related to the ketamine infusion and wellness-center process, as CliniFusion’s secure technology supports current hospital and medical office IT infrastructure without deployment of new, costly technology for integration.

CliniFusion was founded in 2017 by Dr. Chris Ray, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, as the first-to-market EMR for Ketamine Clinics. After Dr. Ray successfully developed and launched an EMR for Anesthesiologists to better track dosing and outcomes, he and his team realized there was a dire need to standardize ketamine dosing and best practices, which led him to found CliniFusion. CliniFusion’s EMR is already implemented in numerous ketamine clinics throughout the Southwest United States, ensuring positive patient outcomes for the treatment of PTSD, depression, anxiety, CRPS, and Chronic Pain among other medical disorders. For more information, please visit or email

Caretaker Medical is a Wireless Digital Health company that has developed a continuous ‘beat-by-beat’ Blood Pressure and Vital Signs monitor that eliminates blind spots between traditional intermittent spot-check monitors and untethers patients from mobility-restricting wires and hoses. The FDA-Cleared Caretaker4 wireless monitor utilizes a simple finger cuff and patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology to measure uninterrupted blood pressure, hemodynamics, and other parameters for wire-free, “touchless” remote patient monitoring that maximizes patient comfort and clinical decision-making.   For more information please visit


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