Tikotra Home Healthcare Completes One year, Adds Mental Health Counselling to Service

Chennai-based Tikotra Home Healthcare celebrates one year of bringing healthcare to homes in Chennai by inaugurating its latest service; anonymous mental health counseling.

Specifically timed to coincide with the seasonal depression centered around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Tikotra’s team of psychiatrists and psychologists provide professional therapy for those who need mental healthcare away from the public eye.

In a break from Tikotra’s traditional services at patients’ homes, the anonymous mental health counseling is done remotely via Tikotra’s secured video-call platform. Those interested can register on tikotra.com/vday.

Tikotra existing bouquet of services includes home visits by qualified physicians, physiotherapists and nurses; scans and diagnostics including COVID-19 tests and Xray/Ultrasound Scans at home. For bookings, please contact 1800-313-1883 or email care@tikotra.com

Dr. Pauravi Sharma, Head, Chennai Operations, says “Our services reach them at their homes in Chennai. The last twelve months have taught us that house calls are convenient to patients who need access to reliable home healthcare services. Our services provide peace of mind – to both patients and to their loved ones. Having created trust and confidence in our services, Tikotra is steadily emerging as a household name in home healthcare.”

Being one of the few organized home healthcare providers in Chennai has helped in tying up with local hospitals. Tikotra also white-labels its services, to help hospitals extend care to their patient’s homes, while still preserving their brand name and goodwill. Tikotra is looking to partner with more hospitals across Tamil Nadu and India this year.

Tikotra was set up in December 2019 under the leadership of senior doctors – CEO Dr. Venkatesan T and CMD Dr. Subbiah V.K. Between them, they add more than 100 man-years of valuable experiences to Tikotra’s healthcare footprint.

For further information please contact Dr. Pauravi Sharma, Tikotra @98841 23411


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