The benefits of the thin film strip on the human body

The author of this article is Bhavna Basu, COO and Co-founder, Bonayu

Orally dissolving strips: A novel, effective approach to oral drug delivery system in dietary supplements

An alternate and effective format of consuming tablets and capsules. Potentially more rapid absorption, faster onset of action, and bypass the first-pass-effect. It positively overcomes bioavailability challenges of solid oral drugs, precision of liquid formulations and inconvenience of injections. For pills to be absorbed properly, they must be able to disintegrate. Many commercially available vitamins, especially those in pill form, might not disintegrate in time. That means that many people are taking vitamins and spending money on them for little or no reason.

 The films/strips are designed to dissolve upon contact with saliva in the mouth within a few seconds, meaning the consumer can take the product without need for additional liquid.  As the drug is directly absorbed into systemic circulation, degradation in gastrointestinal tract and first pass effect can be avoided. 

Dietary supplements are substances you might use to add nutrients to your diet or to lower your risk of health problems. Dietary supplements come in the form of pills, capsules, powders, gel tabs, extracts, or liquids.

Dietary supplements are on very high demand since last few decades all across the globe, including India. In competitive sports, muscle building and proper toning of the body, mostly young generations are much more concern about the consumption of protein or other dietary supplements. In therapeutic need for diabetes, chronic kidney disease, anaemia and underweight, patients are buying various supplements as meal replacements following physicians or dietitians recommendation. According to statistical analysis of the Indian market, dietary and neutraceuticals markets are expected to reach sixty thousand crores by 2020.  Still, in the name of ‘dietary supplements’, so many products are there to harm due to improper consumption. Consumers must take care of their long term health safety by going through supplements manufacturing details. The best manufacturers and marketers are the top players in Indian market which is the biggest market in the world due to the purchasing capacity of all types of consumers provided they must be aware of quality, safety, efficacy and right uses.


In these recent times, consumer needs to carefully analyze, educate themselves with the novel, effective supplements coming up in the market. There have been millions of myths floating about dietary supplements.

From the research we have made, people in India have a very wrong notion when it comes to dietary supplements about efficacy,side effects,choosing the right one.

Will dietary supplement replace my food intake?

Nothing can replace the food we intake. However, it is extremely important to know if we are taking the right amount of vitamins, minerals sufficient to our body. The deficiency it can cause will affect one’s health in larger way than expected. That is where dietary supplements play an important role.

What is it about harm/side effects/over dose about supplements?

Most of the supplements that is there in the market so far come in tablets or capsules. Tablets/capsules come with its own set of disadvantages. To start with one needs to see the effectiveness from the beginning. Tablets/capsules take fixed/long hours of time for it to actually reach our stomach and then reach our blood.ODF will have immediate onset of action making it the most effective format in oral delivery system.

1. Delayed on set of action.

2. Many harmful ingredients will be used in major concentration while manufacturing tablets/capsules. This will have adverse effects on the long run.

3. Swallowing difficulties.

4. Other convenience like water required to consume tablets.

Bonayu’s safe and patented Oral dissolving films overcome all the above mentioned drawbacks. It is the safest, effective oral delivery format available for dietary supplements.


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