Snapdeal Launches “Sanjeevani” to connect patients with potential plasma donors nationwide

Mumbai: Snapdeal, India’s largest value e-commerce company, today launched an initiative to connect COVID 19 patients with potential plasma donors. Using its wide reach in India across smaller towns & cities, Snapdeal has created an easy to use platform called “Sanjeevani” accessible via website and mobile app.

Patients and donors can register themselves with their mobile numbers/email ids and provide relevant information like blood group, location, age and donor recovery date. After registering, Snapdeal’s algorithm will look for relevant matches and connect patients with potential donors.

Sanjeevani was first launched to help the employees of Snapdeal find possible donors. But given that it has been especially hard to find eligible plasma donors at this time, Snapdeal has opened this platform for everyone.

Sanjeevani will also help raise awareness on the importance of plasma donation and encourage recovered COVID 19 patients to donate.

To register on Sanjeevani please visit

How Sanjeevani works:

● Relevant details will be collected from donors and patients during registration – location, blood

group, patient recovery date, age, doctor’s prescription, etc

● An algorithm based on location, blood group, etc, will identify a match between donors and patients

● After a match is found, based on donors consent, their details will be sent to the potential recipient

● Donors & recipients may also be provided info on the nearest plasma bank


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