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Sakra World Hospital sets up Robust Emergency Services with Stan Plus, initiates new and advanced tech-enabled Emergency services

Preparedness and unified, systematic effort can help combat emergencies and disasters. With an aim to help not just the patrons of Bengaluru’s IT corridor and the nearby residential areas of Marathahalli, Sarjapur Road and Bellandur but extending it to the entire Bangalore city to ensure safety and make critical and medical emergency care available within the shortest possible time, Sakra World Hospital, premier healthcare organizations that boast of Japanese cutting-edge technology delivering breakthrough healthcare in India, has tied up with Hyderabad-based Stan Plus, RED Ambulance – India’s largest ambulance network to initiate a new and advanced emergency service. Inaugurated by Mr Sunil Agarwal, IPS, Additional DGP (Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services) today, Sakra aims to be available, accessible and provide affordable medical emergency care with a quick response time of less than a minute, GPS enabled tracking system with optimized and centralized operations. 

Applauding the initiative of creating a robust ambulance network for the IT corridor and extending it to the entire city, Mr Sunil Agarwal, IPS, Additional DGP – Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services, shared, “Trauma is our modern-day neglected disease that continues to kill more people due to lack of effective and timely medical emergency services. The revised NRHM guidelines recommend one ambulance per 60,000 people and that indicates a serious need for up-gradation of ambulance network services, faster response time, and a single platform to reach out to people in emergencies. Even before the covid-19 pandemic struck the population at large, I appreciate the fact that Sakra was well prepared to tackle the situation and the increasing number of covid cases with its effective tech-enabled and innovative initiatives such as porta cabin, setting up of exclusive fever clinic within the hospital premises and managed critical emergency cases efficiently. I am happy that with this initiative of setting up a robust ambulance network they will be able to take their best-in-class, swift emergency services not just to the IT corridor but beyond and help save more lives in Bangalore city.”

Bringing in new and advanced centralized emergency care, enabled with a world-class faster response, Sakra ensures an empathetic and reliable workflow by providing solutions with the first interaction. Every casualty or trauma case will be responded to within 10 seconds and 60 seconds calls to an Ambulance and dispatched within 2 minutes. With GPS-enabled tracking, it will be easier for families and ER to track the fleet in real-time. Depending on the severity of the emergency, ambulances with critical care support with immobilization sets, monitoring and diagnostic care, infusion and drug administration, oxygen and respiratory support function will be sent. The data are well organized with synchronized EMT and report documentation and real-time communication between driver and ER. Well-trained and experienced staff will help facilitate critical and basic emergency care, interact with patients to provide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the medical problem before reaching the hospital.

Commenting on its association with Stan Plus, Mr Yuichi Nagano, Managing Director, Sakra World Hospital, said, “During any medical emergency, lack of standard response time, inability to track an ambulance real-time and clinical and paramedic services mount up the problems further for a patient and his family. These are common complaints that needed to be addressed with a proper, centralized ambulance network system. Our association with Stan Plus has enabled us to initiate a new, improved and tech-enabled emergency ambulance service with better infrastructure. Not only will it help us reach and track casualties faster, with our upgraded ER services, critical care and continuous monitoring and communications with the hospital will help save more lives. At Sakra, we strongly focus on academics for the clinical specialization in Emergency medicine along with other clinical practice areas and encourage prevent emergencies and being prepared with better medical services and care. I am sure we will bring forward more such advanced services for the benefit of our patients and their families.” 

Highlighting the importance of addressing emergency cases immediately and the significance of Golden Hour in Trauma care, Dr Bevin D’Silva – Head & Senior Consultant, Department of Emergency Medicine, Sakra World Hospital, said, “When an injury takes place, the cascade of complications that follow contribute to further affect a patient and result in secondary injury. In trauma care, accident victims are associated with heavy blood loss. Thus, bleeding has to be instantly controlled followed by taking necessary treatment (i.e. repairing the damage) to ensure a positive outcome. However, in case of uncontrolled blood loss, usually the treating team will have to first stabilize the multiple systems affected by the blood loss, deal with the complications of blood transfusion and every artificial means adopted thus, to preserve life. The aptly called “Golden Hour” where a timely intervention can have a positive effect on the outcome is the most important period (where the fight for life actually takes place). This is true not only in case of trauma, but all emergency cases be it stroke, heart attack, or poisoning. This is one of the main reasons why we, the ER team, need quick access to a patient during his pick-up in an ambulance as a casualty so that we act faster, start the intervention and achieve our main motive of saving a life.”

Sakra World Hospital will continue to respond to all emergency calls through 080 4962 4962. 

Stan Plus is a Hyderabad-based medical transportation service known for its Red Ambulance, an Emergency solution provider which manages Hospital emergency management, logistics and technology.


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