Pristyn Care Announces ‘CARES’

Pristyn Care announces ‘CARES’ initiative

Pristyn Care has announced its five guiding principles under “CARES” program. CARES, which stands for Comfort, Accessibility, Reliability, Excellence, and Safety focuses on patient care and overall healthcare delivery. The five guiding principles will guide to complete transparency, access to advanced technologies for surgeries, post-surgery care, connectivity and complete patient centric ecosystem.  

    Pristyn Care announces ‘CARES’ initiative under five guiding principles which include comfort, accessibility, reliability, excellence, safety. Comfort involves end-to-end comfort in treatment, starting from doctor consultation, diagnostics, admission, operation, post-operative care, insurance claims, discharge, and subsequent follow-ups to dedicated highly-trained personal care coordinators.  Accessibility involves the highest standard of medical expertise, online and offline in more than 40 cities and towns, access to the most advanced technologies for surgeries, best doctors, hospitals and clinics in the neighborhood including no-cost EMI payments and one-stop insurance claim.

   Reliability involves maintaining billing transparency, medical records through EMR, and admission and discharge at hospitals without any chaos, rigorous training of the medical staff in under developed areas for safety and post-operative care. Excellence involves rigid checks for qualifications, experience and registrations of doctors with medical councils, specialized surgeons with strong references on board.  Last but not the least, safety involves doctors following nine principles of Structured Outpatient Practice, doctors suggesting treatment according to Standard Treatment Workflows (STWs), 20 pointer hospital checklist which includes licenses, safety measures, enabling staffing, periodic audits, prescriptions and electronic health records uploaded and audited by the Clinical Affairs Team.

     Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, co-founder at Pristyn Care said, “We at Pristyn Care are committed to the highest standards of medical expertise and patient care. We are solely focused on their care and experience. The post-COVID times are for collective healing and improving the healthcare system. Our five guiding principles will ensure even better transparency, care, and complete patient safety. We have already laid a solid foundation that has helped us build a strong relationship with our stakeholders. We will continue to build Pristyn care on these principles for years to come”.  

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