P&G Health’s #EvionInBeautyOn Campaign continues to build Awareness about Vitamin E in India

Procter & Gamble Health Limited’s Evion, the #1 Vitamin E brand just launched the second leg of its #EvionInBeautyOn campaign in on the occasion of Women’s Day this March. The first leg of the campaign was launched on 21st December 2021, with the aim to create awareness on the importance of the oral intake of Vitamin E. Evion is India’s largest Vitamin E brand, which repairs, restores, and revives the cells providing them with nutrition from within. Evion contains Vitamin E, which is a free-radical scavenger and protects the skin from the adverse effects of solar radiation/UV rays which we are exposed to in our daily lives. Its antioxidant properties nourish the skin and hair hence reducing free radical damage caused due to hectic lifestyles, exposure to pollution, and overall seasonal changes.

To communicate different benefits of consuming a daily dose of Evion® Forte, the brand introduced the campaign through three phases – Repair, Revive and Restore. For each phase, the brand collaborated with four different celebrities, including Soha Ali Khan, Genelia Deshmukh, Sayani Gupta, and Aahana Kumra, and 45 young content creators across India.

For the next phase, the brand collaborated with Sonakshi Sinha, Shruthi Hasan and Fatima Sana Sheikh to continue the conversation on cell health and daily nourishment while encouraging women to adapt to a simple regime of self-care this Women’s Day.

The campaign kick-started with the ‘Repair’ phase, which focused on how Evion is the ideal solution to achieve the perfect holiday season glow, highlighting its benefits of repairing cell damage, letting our hair and skin breathe from inside out. The second phase ‘Revive’ aimed at communicating the benefits of the product which is towards helping to revive the cells back to health from the daily damage of sun exposure, pollution, and the damage from free radicals. Lastly, the ‘Restore’ phase captured how including Evion® Forte in daily nourishment can help heal the aftermath of the holiday festivities while entering the new year.

The campaign intends to continue this conversation through the new influencers, who will be sharing their beauty mantras supplemented with a dose of Evion for luscious hair and glowing skin and how their intake of Vitamin E helped them with their daily beauty regime.

Speaking about the success of the campaign, Mr. Milind Thatte, Managing Director, P&G Health, said, “For 40 years, Evion has been at the forefront of conversations to generate awareness about Vitamin E and how it combines its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities to protect the body against environmental stresses and pollutants. The thought behind this campaign is to showcase how regular intake of Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin, healthy hair and healthy muscles By harnessing the power of digital and print platforms through the support of content creators and women across the nation has enabled us to initiate and sustain  a conversation about Vitamin E in India.”

Since its launch, the campaign has successfully garnered over 8.3 Mn impressions across social and digital media platforms and has reached over 28.29 Mn people through a phased yet concentrated print media outreach. The campaign, now in its next leg has engaged young women across demographics in India to understand the nourishing properties of Vitamin E and sustain the conversation.

When dealing with hair and skin issues, most people rely on topical treatments. However, such treatments alone wouldn’t fix the root cause of these maladies as they are triggered on the inside at the cellular level. The #EvionInBeautyOn campaign, in partnership with BigBangSocial and 20:20 MSL, is aimed at encouraging young women to pay further attention to the cell nourishment and taking preventive measures rather than depending on topical solutions to achieve their beauty goals. Evion is trusted by thousands of doctors, consumers, and pharmacists across the country.


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