Nutrify India targets $130 million through I2C@46: a paradigm shift beyond traditions

Nutrify India is launching the world’s first “instant commercialization platform” called as I2C@46 on 20th November 2020 at 4pm. This is a platform that has a global power-packed set of leaders from Nutra, medical doctors – key opinion leaders, research scientists, patent attorneys that screen the best of innovation and commercialize it in 46 minutes. The process of commercialization in traditional process including piloting of a batch is about 2-4 years. That is a 100% paradigm shift and a commercialization cost reduction by at least 70%.

This platform will commercialize research innovations by using smart technologies coupled by strategic intervention by top authorities which otherwise are difficult to access and help India build a strong base of IPRs in nutraceuticals. Global spotlight is on Nutrify India as I2C@46 has never been experimented before and is the first of its kind ever. Commercializing in 46 minutes is impossible in traditional ways and hence Nutrify India relooked at the process and developed a new methodology that is more powerful than the traditional system and more reliable from KOL endorsements. Nutrify India is inviting all its 2500 members from pharma companies with an interest in nutraceuticals, Nutra companies to benefit from this as 20th November 2020 will see deal closures right at the 46th minute of the program where innovators will be able to commercialize their innovation with leading market access companies of the world.

Nutrify India is enabling and empowering Responsible Nutrition Business through innovators and startups and to be a valued wealth generator by empowering commercialization of at least 3 innovations in nutraceuticals every year through startups, or innovators with a clear road map of US$ 15 million in three years. Nutrify India through its nutraceutical innovations’ commercialization efforts would add at least US$ 130 million to the Indian economy by 2023.

During the last 8 months, Nutrify India has commercialized over USD 8 million worth of innovations in responsible nutrition in India and abroad. Some major success stories being Esperer onco nutrition, Aavishkar Pharma, EZERX Pvt ltd., Qualitas Health, etc. Nutrify India’s work is notable and it’s this reason that national bodies like CCMB (Center for cellular and molecular biology; Hyderabad- A CSIR body), NRDC ( national research and development corporation of India – Ministry of Science and Technology) have signed up with Nutrify India. In the last 8 months, Nutrify India has made a global presence with international majors like Qualitas Health, Legacy Healthcare, Euro Alliance group joining hands with Nutrify India.

Amit Srivastava, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Nutrify India, believes that if India has to gain global respect in nutraceuticals and if Nutrify India has to reach the target of USD 130 million worth of commercialization through Indian innovators by 2023, then there is a need for disruption.

India’s leading dermatologist Dr. Jitesh who is one of the panelists at I2C@46 highlights, “Indian nutraceuticals market has seen disruption of growth during the pandemic. A jump from 12% to 25% and it is estimated that this growth will settle at 22% making India the fastest-growing nutraceuticals market. A market that was to touch USD 18 billion by 2025 is expected to be crossing USD 20 billion by 2025. This growth would lead to the mushrooming of “me-too” nutraceutical and formulations innovations. The scientific innovations would broadly be ruled by Europeans, Japanese, South Korean and Australians. For India to take lead to capture its own market on scientific excellence and make a global success story, India will have to churn out IPR based success stories. There exists the opportunity to reality gap in Indian nutraceutical players in the Indian market as well as international.”

Dr. Narendra Malhotra, ex-President of The Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecologist Societies of India, who is one the panelists at I2C@46 said, “Achieving $130 Million commercialization will be possible if there are platforms like I2C@46 that are created to reduce the time, process, legalities and other technical issues and integrate everything as one platform for new innovators and entrepreneurs and help them capture new markets. I am happy to be a part of this game-changing and revolutionary platform and I will try my best to guide the best of the innovators and help them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams which will further escalate the nutraceuticals industry in the long term.”

Nutrify India comes in as a bridge to this gap by integrating the market access to Indian innovators and also enabling their work through partnering with top labs and government machineries like CCMB (Center for cellular and molecular biology; Hyderabad- A CSIR body), NRDC (National Research and Development Corporation of India – Ministry of Science and Technology) to incubate and empower through grants and lab access for deep science research and patents. Nutrify India alliance with CCMB and NRDC is one of its kind to push the nutraceutical industry.


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