Newly Published Literature Supports Use Of Caldolor® For Postoperative Pain And Reduction Of Opioid Use

 Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: CPIX), a specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced the results of a new review of clinical studies evaluating Caldolor® (ibuprofen) Injection, which was published in the journal Clinical Therapeutics. The manuscript continues an updated integrated safety analysis of Caldolor first presented in 20151. It provides an analysis of nine additional published clinical studies of the product evaluating efficacy, concurrent opioid use, tolerability, pharmacokinetic properties, stress response and postoperative recovery. Results demonstrated Caldolor reaches a higher plasma concentration more quickly than oral ibuprofen, improves post-surgery recovery, decreases surgical stress, and reduces the use of opioids and over-the-counter medication.

The comprehensive review involved 1,062 adult patients, with 757 receiving Caldolor and 305 receiving placebo or a comparator medication. The authors concluded the rapid administration (5-7 minutes) and preemptive use of Caldolor should be considered in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols for the management of postoperative pain including that of traumatic origin2. When administered in a rapid infusion immediately prior to surgery, patients given Caldolor experienced less postoperative pain and decreased opioid use.

“Before the pandemic began, healthcare systems across the country were in the midst of a public health mission to decrease opioid consumption,” said A.J. Kazimi, chief executive officer of Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. “We are proud to see the continued support for the use of Caldolor in postoperative care, with the resulting reduction of opioid use. We feel confident that this newly published narrative provides additional insights into how intravenous ibuprofen can help healthcare professionals and patients as elective surgeries resume.”


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