MConnekt, the Exclusive Platform from MedPiper for the Healthcare Industry

MedPiper Technologies, the online healthtech eco-system for healthcare professionals, has introduced MConnekt, an online platform exclusively built for the healthcare industry. MConnekt is a web-based software that enables doctors to discover, connect, and track their professional engagement across online digital platforms and offline hospitals.

Be it traditional healthcare providers, retail clinics, or digital health providers, companies across the spectrum are realizing the value of telehealth. However, it has become too expensive, complex, and inefficient to manage a clinical workforce and build your own medical consult infrastructure required for nationwide care.

MConnekt allows doctors to discover, engage and connect with offline opportunities and digital health platforms, and optimize their workflow and work hours. The doctors can also access the MConnekt dashboard, where they can manage all their calendar engagements in real time and find out about current opportunities, wage trends, and other related information, on any mobile or browser.

Apart from discovery of jobs, MConnekt also offers a pool of additional consultation opportunities for the healthcare practitioners. Services include teleconsultation, review, and interpretation of medical records as well as clinical advice on preventive health checks of the patients.

“Our simple technology integration connects a marketplace of board-certified clinicians to deliver on-demand, compliant consults without geographic limitations. MConnekt has a flexible, modular foundation for delivering virtual healthcare – the resilient springboard for rapid innovation,” Nitthin Chandran, Co-Founder and CEO, MedPiper Technologies said.

Digital health platforms can use the MedPiper API to directly connect with verified, active practitioners across the country in real time, thus reducing their operational hassles, improving the turnaround time of their patients, and doing away with one-on-one onboarding of practitioners across the country, thereby ensuring better and more efficient care delivery to their patients on their platform.

The existing systems in the country today take a long time to acknowledge, authorise and verify new practitioners. MConnekt helps to make the onboarding process entirely seamless and transparent for both doctors and hospitals, Pranay Suyash, Co-Founder and CTO, MedPiper Technologies said.

As an added feature, the exclusive healthcare-based platform also offers an online resume builder specifically created for medical professionals, with pre-set online templates certified by a senior panel of doctors. MConnekt also offers MedPiper Community, where doctors can interact with each other as well as participate in various healthcare-based forums, creating an online support and resource system for healthcare professionals in the country.

MedPiper is currently building standardized APIs to help connect and engage practitioners, digital health platforms, hospitals, insurance service providers and other healthcare stakeholders in real time. The healthtech company previously also launched MScribe, a digital prescription tool for doctors.


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