Lung surgery performed through a small 3 cm cut at Jupiter Hospital

After getting treated for Kidney cancer 12 years back, 43-years old Ramesh Chavan (Name Changed) was leading a normal life till recently when he was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer in his lung. He desperately looked for advanced treatment options and came in contact with Jupiter Hospital, Pune where he underwent thorough evaluation followed by minimally invasive Lobectomy, which was performed by Dr. Amit Patil, Consultant – Thoracic and Foregut surgeon. In this surgery, the lower part of right lung was removed through a small 3 cm incision, thoracoscopically. This advanced surgery has helped the patient with a new lease of life.

“Traditionally lung surgery is performed through a 10-15 cm long cut, which also involves cutting of big muscles and rib spreading, leading to significant pain and slow recovery. Over the period, surgeons started performing these surgeries thoracoscopically with 3-4 small holes and specimen were removed through an extra small cut. Now we are performing lung surgeries thoracoscopically, with single small cut. In this procedure we ensured speedy recovery with a reduced length of stay at the hospital,” Dr Patil said.

The patient resumed walking very next day. Speedy recovery ensued and the patient was soon able to resume his normal life and work.


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