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Livpure strengthens its product portfolio, launches Spyne back support cushion

Livpure, a leading manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners, and other home-focused solutions, has added a much-needed product to its newly-launched sleep and wellness range. Presenting Spyne, the most comfortable, innovative, and high-quality back support cushion.

Whether you’re working at home, or driving to the office and sitting for long hours at work, your back can bear the brunt of it.  The perils of sitting for long periods are no secret since thousands of desk workers complain of prolonged back pain. This is where Livpure’s new back support or back support cushion comes into the picture. The unique D-shaped cushion takes a seat between your back and your seat, offering you spinal alignment and freedom from aches and pains.

The best-in-class back support pillow, Livpure’s ergonomically-designed Spyne gives your back the much-deserved support. The cool-gel infused memory foam pillow is crafted to offer maximum back support and alignment for your back. Attach this pillow to your chair and reduce the stress on your back and waist while sitting for long periods at work in front of your computer or during long drives.

While supporting the spine and relieving pain, Spyne also relaxes the muscles and improves overall posture. With this, the comfy cushion has the power to improve your lifestyle and give you more strength to take part in your life, in the absence of niggling pains. 

Speaking on the new launch, Pritesh Talwar, CEO of Livpure, said, “As we forayed into the sleep and wellness space, our overarching goal was to help individuals discover good health through intelligently-designed products that elevate their lifestyles. The launch of our back support cushion is an extension of this very goal. Exceptional back support through top-of-the-line memory foam will help today’s professionals lead an active and healthy life. We will continue to build on our range of products by introducing more such offerings.”

Spyne’s cool gel infused memory foam keeps it cool even during warmer days. Priced at ₹1,299.00 the cushion is available in two sizes. It is a planet and human-friendly option which comes with a one-year warranty and is delivered right to your doorstep without any hassle.


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