Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics Announces Exclusive Distributor Membership Program

Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics, one of the most advanced beauty lines available, has just announced the introduction of their exclusive Distributor Membership Program. In just a short time since the program opened, due to immediate popularity, there is now a waiting list for prospective members. 

This remarkable program was designed to give insider access to select members who wish to use the Jennifer Bradley line of products professionally and have access to sell the products to their customers at the best prices. Those selling the line will receive an extremely generous discount of 50% off skincare and makeup, along with the ability to make money selling the products. Furthermore, all members will receive training from the company, based on Jennifer’s 25-years of experience in the beauty industry, to ensure the line is used, demonstrated, and sold according to Jennifer’s immaculate standards.

“I have turned recent offers down for major retailers for a specific reason: I do not wish to compromise the quality of my product by going “corporate” and exchanging the incredible ‘Made in the USA’ quality that we have now to ‘Made in somewhere else.’ That would completely ruin everything I stand for as the developer/ creator of Jennifer Bradley Skincare and Cosmetics.” Stated Jennifer.

In an effort to protect the exemplary quality of the brand, Jennifer stated: “We are limiting this offer to only so many distributors in order to protect each and every person that joins this exclusive membership.” As a dedicated direct-to-consumer brand, Jennifer Bradley maintains meticulous governance over her company, and in doing so, she can guarantee the highest standards and quality ingredients. As a result, she has opted not to have her brand sold in traditional corporate avenues and strictly keeps her line off marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.


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