I2Cure in Association with MyGate Commences ‘Breaking the Pandemic Chain’ Movement by Introducing its BioShield to 15,000 Societies

I2Cure has collaborated with MyGate to secure its 15,000 gated communities against the pandemic spread. I2cure’s patented BioShield™ Antiseptic Lotion, a single-use, broad-spectrum antimicrobial that offers the protection of iodine against COVID-19 for six hours at a stretch, is a significant step up from existing alcohol-based solutions, which are merely disinfectants. While the global launch of I2Cure’s solution is planned in January 2021, MyGate, recognizing the superficial nature of disinfectants and their limited usefulness, is bringing this state-of-the-art solution to all its societies across India ahead of time. The collaboration will see MyGate assisting gated communities to strengthen their protection against the virus with I2Cure Bioshield.

Ramesh Menon, Director – Marketing Strategy & Distribution, I2Cure, says, “Our product is currently the most effective COVID-19 preventive available to the masses, and we are happy to partner with MyGate to bring it to the gates of its 15,000 communities, to ensure the safety of the millions that reside therein as well as the millions of people, from daily help to delivery executives, that visit them on a daily basis.”

Elaborating on the initiative, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, COO & Co-founder, MyGate, says, “With the MyGate collaboration, gated communities can now get direct access to I2Cure BioShield™. It is a matter of pride for us to enable this for our communities, who, in turn, have already shown strong interest in using the product to break the transmission chain. This movement has the potential to dramatically slow down the spread of virus in urban India.”

With education institutions and offices closed and public transport drastically reduced, gated communities are among the most active congregations and remain potential hotspots for the virus. The majority of housing societies are taking numerous precautions – ensuring that visitors and staff wear masks, running a temperature check at the entry point – but virus transmission via surface remains a major concern. With the BioShield™, housing societies can protect themselves from this risk to a great extent, enabling life to return to near normal within the society.

While sanitizers offer protection only on application, BioShield’s molecular iodine solution percolates under the skin, acting as a shield against any virus and germs for six hours at a time. With a single application at the gate or at their homes residents can be protected from the possibility of being infected by the virus.  This will result in a significant drop in the potential number of virus carriers and breaking the chain of pandemic transmission. I2cure has been tested and certified effective by Intertekk labs USA. The product’s development has been guided by Dr. Jack Kessler, whose more than 2-decade-old research into molecular iodine has led to several advancements in the field and the successful development of I2Cure without the negative characteristics of staining, irritation, toxicity and the risk of acidosis. In addition to a global launch, I2cure is currently in discussion with public health bodies for mass distribution of the BioShield™. During the pandemic, MyGate has introduced a number of new features and inked partnerships to enhance the safety of the 2.5 million families that reside in its communities. 


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