Christy Craft receiving the CGFNS DAISY Award for Outstanding International Nurse Recruiter

Health Carousel Nurse Honored with CGFNS DAISY Award for Outstanding International Nurse Recruiter

Health Carousel is proud to announce that our very own Nurse Manager, Christy Craft, has been honored with the prestigious CGFNS DAISY Award for Outstanding International Nurse Recruiter. This award, presented by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) International, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and dedication to recruiting international nurses.

Though the title might seem a little mis-leading, the award is open to individual nurses actively engaged, either directly or indirectly, in international nurse recruitment efforts. With a focus on “nurses helping nurses,” the award honors those who have made an extraordinary impact on the lives of nurse migrants through their compassion, empathy, and embodying the principles of the recruitment code from the CGFNS Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices.

Christy was selected as one of two honorees from more than 140 submitted nominations. She was honored for her contributions to ethical international recruitment practices. As a registered nurse working at healthcare professional recruitment firm, Christy was recognized for her commitment to helping foreign-educated nurses cope with the challenges they face as they navigate their way to employment in the U.S. health system.

Among other highlights, Christy’s nomination detailed how her implementation of a unique counseling program providing confidential care sessions, named Your Listening Partner, helped restore an international nurse’s professional and personal life back to a sense of normalcy amid family hardships.

“We are incredibly proud of Christy for receiving this prestigious award,” said Health Carousel COO Erik Schumann. “Christy’s dedication to recruiting and supporting international nurses reflects Health Carousel’s commitment to providing high-quality healthcare professionals to our partner facilities.”

The CGFNS DAISY Award for Outstanding International Nurse Recruiter is a testament to Health Carousel’s ongoing efforts to recruit and retain top talent in the healthcare industry. Through our programming, Health Carousel is able to provide international nurses with the opportunity to further their careers and make a meaningful impact in healthcare facilities across the United States.


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