GynoCup: The reliable and eco-friendly approach towards female hygiene

“Menstruation”, a biological process that paves way for many cultural and religious restrictions in women. And such restrictions made girls uneducated and thereby lacking proper awareness about menstrual hygiene. As the world changes, women get educated and think about menstrual hygiene management and related issues. From a piece of cloth to sanitary pads and tampons, women empowerment strikes. But the relevant question is, is menstrual hygiene safe in the hands of sanitary pads and tampons? Absolutely no!

According to the latest survey of MHAI (Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India), over 121 million girls use ordinary sanitary pads and tampons due to unawareness about the hidden health issues and environmental problems caused by sanitary pads. So what is the solution? Here the menstrual cup comes into play. The features and beneficiaries of menstrual cups make it very popular among youth, especially for the last five years. This wide popularity gives rise to many brands of menstrual cups. So which is better?

Gynocup, a better option with increased menstrual health and lower waste generation has become a revolution in the feminine menstrual hygiene industry. Gynocup has developed from the team “Mild Cares”, a company which was established in 2019 by Sandeep Vyas & Rachna Vyas. The primary objective of the founders is to transform the menstrual hygienic condition of India into a healthy one and help womanhood. As India is deeply unaware about the menstrual hygiene and spreading unwanted cultures related to periods, Mild Cares thinks of transforming women’s hygiene in a better way. The foundation of Mild Cares lead to the invention of many products including Gynocup that help women to achieve a pleasant and healthy hygienic life. Other than Gynocup, Mild cares initiated the production of reusable stand and pee, disposable stand and pee, female intimate wash, Gynocup natural intimate wipes, men intimate wash, Gynocup wash Toilet seat cover etc. So, overall Mild Cares focuses on your personalized health and hygiene.

Why is Gynocup being woman’s BFF

The development of Gynocup was born with an idea that no more women regret their womanhood or blame their birth due to the endless pain and irritation caused by periods. Gynocup was born after a series of experiments and researches and thereby the team came to know about how we can help women to reduce the burdens and health issues when they menstruate. Gynocup is designed in a manner that gives you a perfect and comfortable fit, moreover, the high-quality medical-grade silicone offers you enough protection from rashes, itchiness, and infections.

The special features of Gynocup make it unique from other menstrual cups available on market.

  • Cost-effective and reusable: Just calculate the amount that we spend to buy packets of sanitary pads for one month. A menstrual cup doesn’t cost that much, moreover, it has a lifetime of 8 to 10 years, which means it is reusable
  • Chemical-free and long time: While using sanitary napkins we were bothered about the odor, leakage, etc and we change pads frequently. But Gynocup gives you odorless non-leakage protection that continues for 12 hours. Gynocup is BPA-free with no plastics, dyes, or any other chemicals thereby secureness from TSS, cancer, or vaginal infections.
  • Ecofriendly: The waste generated by the use of plastic-made sanitary napkins creates huge environmental issues globally. So switching to Gynocup can limit this problem to a huge extent. The reusable factor of Gynocup for up to 10 years decreases a huge amount of toxic wastes on earth.

Being a woman is a gift of nature, no feminine soul should get humiliated due to her periods. So Gynocup is devoted to its clear vision of a future that is sustainable, healthy, and empowered. The track record of Gynocup proves its endless contribution to society by providing a healthier and better menstrual experience to countless girls and women.

 India being the major contributor of superstitious beliefs and taboos about the menstruation of women, it’s clear that Indian villages are not well aware of the hygiene which is adequate for a woman during her periods. Yet now, some women use clothes during their periods and have not even heard about sanitary pads. So Mild Cares tries to create awareness about the menstrual cups and proper hygiene management during one’s periods. According to Mild Cares survey in villages, only 1 in 500 knows about menstrual cups. So investing heavily in educating women about the importance of best practices can create a huge difference in India’s menstrual hygiene section. And Gynocup continuously invests for that huge difference. The main aim is to reduce and slowly remove the taboo associated with periods and simply normalize periods in our society. The untold stomach pains and hidden stress should not be untold and hidden anymore. Not be ashamed of telling about periods, because it’s a biological process and the reason for the existence of humans.


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