GLOBALHealthPR launches new identity as
Global Health Marketing & Communications

The world’s largest and most robust network of independent healthcare agencies, GLOBALHealthPR, today announced its rebranding to Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC). 

The network’s new identity, which launched today across its global headquarters and partner agencies in the Asia-Pacific, Americas, and Europe, reflects an evolution and expansion of communications and marketing capabilities in recent years driven by the increasingly integrated and constantly changing media landscape. 

The GHMC brand emphasizes the meaningful human connections that improve health outcomes for all through the delivery of dynamic, health-lingual experiences globally, regionally, and locally. 

“Today is a watershed moment for our network, our clients, and the patients we serve, as we work together, to improve the health and lives of people worldwide,” said Jonathan Wilson, Chairman, and CEO of GHMC and owner/CEO of U.S. partner, Spectrum Science. 

“In a world where media and channels are becoming more blended, we continue to invest in our strategy-first approach to drive behavior-changing campaigns. 

“Our new identity reinforces GHMC’s laser-focus on healthcare, while reflecting the increasingly diversified offerings within our network across partner agencies, and around the world,” said Mr. Wilson. 

Through extensive experience gained from collaborating as a network for more than two decades, GHMC has reached and resonance in more than 60 markets worldwide, to ensure that clients’ innovations know no borders. Partner agencies from around the globe are hand-selected based on their strength in-market, and healthcare sector expertise.

GHMC services a range of health-focused industries, from biopharma, and biotech companies, to consumer wellness brands, devices, diagnostics, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). GHMC partners adapt, pivot, and bring together the right healthcare specialists, in the right geographies, at the right time, to deliver strategic solutions for its clientele.

“As a global communications network, ours has always been different by design,” President of GHMC, Tim Goddard said. 

“Our agencies are not united by a common set of shareholders, but rather, by a common purpose: breaking down borders to improve health outcomes for all. 

“With this singular focus, we’ve spent more than 20 years expanding our footprint and capabilities. While the fabric of our partnership remains unchanged, this new brand represents our unique ability to build, and execute programs that make a global impact, by finding the space where audience needs intersect with client objectives,” said Mr Goddard.

GHMC exclusive India partner, and Co-founder of MediaMedic Communications, Priti Mohile, welcomed the network’s new brand identity today.  

“Focused on health-based communications, and with deep domain expertise in the sector, the GlobalHealthPR network of independent agencies has been delivering award-winning work over the past decade. With the advent of digital media, lines have blurred between PR and other marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications inclusive of digital media and creative services is now the way forward, and hence the evolution of GlobalHealthPR to the new avatar ‘Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC)’ with its advanced offerings in the health sector, is all set to meet the new age needs of the health and life sciences industry,” said Ms. Priti Mohile GHMC exclusive India partner, and Co-founder of MediaMedic Communications.  

MediaMedic Communications has been providing integrated marketing & communications solutions to the life sciences and healthcare industry in India.


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