Estonia based Digital-health consultation provider “VIVEO” launches in India

VIVEO health to help Indian doctors expand their patient base online

Estonia-based tech innovator VIVEO Health, a large integrated tele-health provider today announced the seamless expansion of its operations in India. The expansion falls in line with an increased demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic for remote consulting platforms specially designed for medical professionals with an urge to provide a safe environment to care givers and consumers.

Founded in 2017, VIVEO Health is an online Digital-Health consulting destination that helps patients garner access to healthcare providers irrespective of the time and location according to their preference of comfort. Estonia was the first country to introduce digital health records globally; along the way, the nordic country was the first to move the e-prescription world. That said, business-wise, Estonia is produced the most unicorns per capita in the world.

Commenting on the expansion into the Indian market Raul Kallo, Founder of VIVEO Health expressed, “We see a significant growth potential to expand our operations and hope to bridge a vital gap to curb the limitations caused by the current unprecedented crisis that has lead healthcare systems with exhausting resources and escalating demands. Although with uncertainties around due to the pandemic, India promises to be amongst world’s prime markets to invest pharmaceuticals and tech. We look forward to expand our operations in additional categories in the months to come. Our Mission is to provide healthcare to everyone, and we aim to make healthcare accessible to everyone. We see India as one of the markets that have a massive need for digital health solutions. With our platform, we can bring medical care to the places where right now, it might be a bit hectic. Additionally, we see massive potential in the Indian tech and pharmaceutical industry. We are here to serve.”

VIVEO Health believes in empowering and ensuring medical professionals smooth practices during the pandemic, expand their patient base and up keep their security on the platform. Solution is designed with optimal access for services like Telehealth consultations, e-prescriptions, notes, summery and treatment plans.

Adding further about the services Prasant Kumar Mohanty Director – India Business at VIVEO Health stated, “At VIVEO we have always been in the forefront to adapt dynamic solutions to impart healthcare solutions to providers and patients. We are dedicated to our mission of ensuring smooth practice to medical professionals and quality healthcare accessible for consumers. We have around 4200 doctors on board with us and are hopeful to add 20000 doctors in a span of six months. The current situation prevents patients to seek access to health due to the fear of getting infected with the virus due to overcrowding in hospitals and clinics. Online consultations is a measure to assure people to seek their queries with specialists instead of ignorance on diagnosis.”  We are currently operating in 2 cities, Mumbai and Pune, we are already expanding to Bangalore, and from the start of 2021, we are establishing offices in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad. We have a subscription and transaction based model for doctors; we have already partnered with private medical organizations. We aim to build a well rounded Digital-health ecosystem.

Apart from India, VIVEO is currently expanding its operations in Mexico. The company has partnered with brands like Stripe, for payment getaways. It has also partnered with firms PharmEasy, SRL diagnostics to provided additional services to consumers and is also in talks with insurance companies and hospitals.


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