Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma Puts Together Music Based Project Kamasutra The Musical That Focusses on Sexual Well-Being

It is often said that music has healing properties. Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma, a leading Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, and Sexually Transmitted diseases expert, always had a keen interest in music. That helped him discover many innovative ways in which music can be used to promote a healthy life and enhance physical and mental health. His most recent project Kamasutra The Musical has been designed to promote sexual well-being.

Talking about this project, Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma says, “The concept of Kamasutra The Musical is based on the fact that the music or sound of specific frequencies affects human behaviour. There is scientific evidence that suggests that music can influence an individual’s physiology during romantic activity. Kamasutra is the ancient treatise on the art of making love and through Kamasutra The Musical, we hope to make people more aware about how music can help in promoting sexual well-being.”

Kamasutra The Musical has been released in the form of an EP comprising of four distinctive tracks. The four tracks have been titled ‘Excitement’, ‘Plateau’, ‘The Peak’ and ‘Resolution’ and musically represent the four stages of making love. A variety of acoustic instruments like the sitar, table, flute and mridangam have been used to bring the different emotions of love to the fore in a sonic format. All the four tracks boast of intricate orchestral arrangements and offer an immersive aural experience.

Elaborating further on the project, Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma states, “These music tracks have been created by the panel of our expert music maestros based on the concept stated in a book titled ‘Quantum Union’ that has been authored by me and will be released soon. The book talks about the union of the mind, body and the soul. These tracks have been designed to enhance an individual’s experiences of love and sex. This exclusive creation is based on the scientific research of human biological responses to various sounds of specific frequencies during different stages of sexual activities.”

According to Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma, people look for different remedies when they feel something is amiss in their love life. Some even resort to medications. The doctor firmly believes that listening to the right kind of music can help significantly in improving one’s romantic experiences with one’s partner and promote healthier relationships. His expertise as a medical practitioner and love for music contributed towards lending this project a definite shape.

Dr. Prabhakara has planned four albums in the Kamasutra series, of which Romance is the first one. Each of these four albums will have a duration of 2 hours. Each of the four tracks in Romance has a duration of 30 minutes. Each track features two lead instruments driving them. Apart from playing them in the background during a romantic activity, you can also play these tracks to calm your senses after a hectic day at work or when you are suffering from stress or anxiety.

In the near future, Dr. Prabhakara Govindachari Viswakarma plans to come up with albums involving western instruments and artists. Dr. Prabhakara is also a successful entrepreneur and owns KS Interior Designs, a company that offers Interior Designing services for one’s recreation and love-making rooms. He can be reached out via his e-mail ID vgprabhakar2015@gmail.com or His Instagram ID is @ prabhakaravg.

Kamasutra The Musical is streaming on all leading music platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, Spotify and YouTube Music.





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