BDR Pharma launches generic version of Lenvatinib for cancer patients in India

BDR Pharmaceutical today announces the launch of 4mg and 10 mg of Lenvatinib under the brand name BDFOIE for the treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer, advanced liver cancer and advanced kidney cancer.  Lenvatinib is priced at INR 1620 (4 mg) and INR 2970 (10 mg) for a pack of 10 capsules.

Lenvatinib is a molecule used to provide breakthrough therapy treatment for cancer patients. The results of clinical trials conducted showed encouraging results with safety and efficacy on patients treated with aggressive tumors.

Mr.Dharmesh Shah, CMD, BDR Pharmaceuticals said, “2020 so far has been extraordinary on an operational front. By launching cost-effective therapy options we want to mitigate the challenges faced by Indian patients in seeking access to treatment and finding a timely cure for life threatening diseases. The launch of Lenvatinib is a step forward in providing breakthrough treatment options at an affordable price, reducing the average cost of treatment drastically”


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