Astute Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd participates in India Health & Immunity Expo 2020

Astute Care Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd. – a leading Service and Technology Solutions provider in Facility Management – has participated in India Health & Immunity Expo 2020. In her keynote speech at the expo, the company’s Director and CEO, Tapasi Chakraborty, addressed some of the prime challenges faced by our country in terms of sanitation and hygiene.

India Health & Immunity Expo 2020is a virtual platform organized by the SME Forum, India’s Largest Not-for-Profit organization for Small and Medium Enterprises. It is built on the idea to promote and support business opportunities for SMEs in India and internationally. The platform hosted specific sectoral businesses in its events scheduled over 5 days.

Speaking at the Expo, Tapasi Chakraborty, Director & CEO, Astute Care Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd. said “India has been plagued by a lack of awareness and appropriate facilities when it comes to waste treatment plans. As a result, tons of waste ends up being dumped in dams and rivers. Although the government needs to address the issue on a large scale, small industries and SMEs can also play our part by upgrading services to incorporate hygienic methods and help stop the spread of diseases, especially during the current world crisis with COVID-19. At Astute Care, we have made it our goal to help create a ‘New Swacch Bharat’ while ensuring business growth into cities across the country”.

Astute Care Outsourcing Services Private Limited is a Service and Technology Solutions provider for facility management. It was recently inducted into the prestigious club of the Top 100 SMEs in the country for its world-class Facility Management service. The company has also won the prestigious Economic Times Champions of Facility Management 2019 Honor, the SKOCH-NSE Award for MSME Excellence, and nominated for the SIDBI Economic Times India MSE Awards.  


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