Alinche Lifesciences Introduces Innovating Digital Initiatives for Doctors, Patients & Healthcare Workers

To address the challenges of doctors, patients and healthcare workers, Alniche Lifesciences has stepped up with multipronged and targeted digital initiatives for doctors, patients, healthcare workers and sales teams to maintain the momentum. 

“I believe, adversities gear us to innovate, in last two years we have worked aggressively to evolve and implement Healthcare focussed digital initiatives for Doctors and Patients, most importantly knowledge enhancement for our sales teams as well. We coordinated with various IT service providers to prepare five different platforms to reach the target audience. These initiatives are TED, Alniche Health App, Tele Consultancy, My Healthytude, and DRSC.” Karan Arora, Director (Marketing & International Business).

Alniche believes, “change is constant and starts from within” and introduced a Digitally enabled, Anytime – Anywhere Training & Education Department (TED) for sales teams. This online platform includes Brand presentations, Scientific papers, Personality development courses and Selling skills. This initiative will assist the team to enrich their knowledge on a continuous basis to increase their proficiency.

Patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease) face challenges in their daily lives and require regular assistance with the type of food they eat, the recipes with specific ingredients and more. To help CKD patients, the Alniche Health app offers a wide area of information like Kidney health, range of recipes, exercises, and daily health routines. This app not only helps patients and their caregivers but also saves doctors’ time by educating patients for maintaining kidney health.

Alniche collaborated with DRiefcase for providingTele Consultationto ease the interaction between patients and doctors. Several doctors are registered on this app where the patients can get live e-consultation, thus helping them to get medical advice from the comfort of their home or workplace. It’s a win-win both for doctors and patients, as doctors get more number of patients and patients saves time and money for travelling long distances to consult doctors.   

For general masses who access health information from various unreliable sources and are misled,Alniche launched its Health Channel “My Healthytude” an online health info program that celebrates the word of a healthy lifestyle. This initiative focuses on educating patients on their health conditions and guides them to visit physicians for seeking advice. To reach a large audience on  a global level, My Healthytude is present on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Quora.

Learning never stops, there is always something new to learn. This remains an eternal truth for the progress of everyone. Keeping this in mind, Alniche started an initiative – DRSC (Doctor’s Scientific Resource for Continuous Education).  DRSC focuses on providing educational information for doctors, practising physicians, nutritionists, paramedics, and medical enthusiasts. Under this initiative Alniche collaborated with DPSRU (Delhi Pharmaceutical sciences and Research University, Govt. of N.C.T.) to launch an open online scientific journal- Healthcare e-Compendium, this scientific journal has current updates, supportive patient care, nutrition, technological advances, and information on global brands.

These five digital initiatives of Alniche have immensely benefited both doctors and patients. These plans are just the beginning, with the innovative technology and a vision to provide better healthcare, Alniche will expand its wings globally for collaborations, academia partnerships, and newer digitally enabled initiatives.


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