World Health Day wishes from a concerned Social Media User

Budding Social Media Performer Amit Gupta whose digital identity is Entertaining Amit, posted a video on the occasion of World Health Day today (7th April 2021). His message was full of gratitude for the Doctors, Medical Professionals, Government authorities and the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also tried to create awareness for Covid-19 and importance of wearing a mask.  

“The pandemic has taught us the significance of Health and Fitness and people are actually becoming more aware and active. I have seen many of my friends and colleagues indulging into Yoga, Cycling and exercise for varying reasons, making the most of the lockdown. I always had high regards for Doctors and they are very rightly called GOD in India. And seeing the pandemic situation, my love and respect for them increased a lot more. I wish everyone remains healthy and fit,” quoted Amit Gupta.

Amit Gupta is a Catastrophe Analyst by profession employed in Mumbai. Due to the ongoing pandemic, he is at his home in Siliguri for few months. To make the most of it, he is following his passion of creating funny content and raising social issues. He completed his Masters in Economics in 2015 from Mumbai University.

Here is the link of his message:


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