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Toddler Swallows Hairpin, Doctors at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals Save her in Time

The Department of Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery (Keyhole Surgeries) at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals, a 500 bedded Multi-Specialty Tertiary Care Unit at Chetpet, Chennai, successfully removed a sharp metallic foreign body (Hair Pin) lodged in the abdomen of a two-year-old girl through minimal invasive procedure.

The highly committed medical team at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals, comprising of Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Balamourougane P, Paediatrician Dr. Gnanabalan M, Radiologist Dr. Anand and Anaesthetist Dr. Dhenesh swung into action for an initial diagnostic assessment of the child. Post the evaluation of her condition, the team performed a successful Laparoscopic procedure to disimpact the foreign body from the little girl’s abdomen.

Speaking on the surgical intervention, Dr. Balamourougane P, Pediatric Surgeon, Dr. Mehtas Hospitals highlighted, “On arrival in the emergency, the two-year-old girl presented with complaints of non-bilious vomiting, pain, fever, and cough. A Chest X-Ray (CXR) revealed an unsuspected foreign body in right upper abdomen. A further evaluation through CECT Abdomen confirmed the presence of a bi flanged foreign body piercing through the second part of duodenum and impacting the lower half of right kidney. As any delay in treatment would increase the chances of abdominal sepsis due to duodenal perforation, we promptly decided to go ahead with a surgical intervention and opted for Laparoscopy/Laparotomy surgical procedure over UGIE to remove the foreign body, for the very reason that the major part of the Hair Pin was outside the gut and impacting the girl’s kidney.  In this process we released the adhesions after localizing the foreign body, eventually removing the 2 pieces in toto. During the same procedure we also repaired the duodenal rent laparoscopically and placed a drain at the site.

The child is doing well now and her Parents thanked the team of doctors at Dr. Mehta’s hospitals for saving the life of their child.

Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals – Department of Pediatric Surgery

The Department of Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Urology and Pediatric Minimal Invasive Surgery (Keyhole Surgeries) at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals is highly committed to providing and promoting excellence in surgical care. Ever since its inception, the group has strived to deliver the best and keep abreast with the most recent surgical advances in child care.

Our surgeons and nurses are specially trained to treat unborn baby (fetus), neonates, infants, toddlers, children and young adults, and perform a broad range of general and highly specialized surgical procedures. The facilities have state-of-the-art PICUs (16 bedded level III PICU) & NICUs, well equipped operation theatres, excellent day care facilities, recovery/monitoring rooms and child friendly pre-op and post-op areas to ensure the utmost care for your young ones.

Expertise includes: Complex neonatal surgeries, Advance laparoscopic surgery, Major thoracic and abdominal surgeries, Major reconstructive pediatric urology, Pediatric airway surgeries, Surgical procedure for acquired deformities of the head, skull, face, neck, jaws and associated structures, Complex spine and hip deformities, Treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions & techniques in airway conditions such as airway balloon dilation, and reconstruction for airway obstruction.


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