TargEDys announces the publication of the first double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial showing Hafnia alvei’s efficacy at an unprecedented level in weight loss and satiety

The French biotech TargEDys specialized in breakthrough microbiome-based solutions announces the publication of its study conducted in 230 overweight adults supplemented for 12 weeks, confirming the efficacy of the precision probiotic Hafnia alvei HA4597® to improve weight loss, hip circumference reduction and metabolic parameters thanks to the action of the probiotic and its postbiotic ClpB on feeling of fullness.

Mechanistic and preclinical studies showed Hafnia alvei is able to produce Caseinolytic peptidase B, a protein mimicking the hormone of satiety alpha-MSH, and to reduce food intake in murine models of obesity. These new results confirm the efficacy of this PreciBiomic™ strain in supporting feeling of fullness and weight loss in overweight subjects, as well as reducing hip circumference and glycemia.

With an average of 3,6% weight loss in 12 weeks in the probiotic group, Hafnia alvei is dramatically more effective than any other probiotic studied in weight management, and this level of impact fills the gap between the sectors of food supplements and drugs. It also drives innovation in the probiotics field, shifting the approach to precision probiotics, with enhanced efficacy thanks to the precise understanding of the molecular mechanism of action.

Hafnia alvei can be found in the products EnteroSatys® and Satylia® in France, Portugal, Italy and Slovenia, and TargEDys is looking for distribution partners to make this breakthrough solution for the prevention of obesity available to consumers worldwide.

Grégory Lambert, CEO of TargEDys, declares:

“This will be a game-changer in the sector of weight management, with finally a solution that meets consumers expectations in terms of safety and naturality, while also bringing a real, demonstrated efficacy based on molecular mimicry and the biochemical regulation of appetite.”


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