Saifee Hospital Initiates COVID-19 Vaccination Drive for Senior Citizens

With the COVID-19 vaccination drive for senior citizens and those aged over 45 years with comorbidities intensifying nationwide, Saifee Hospital, a multi-specialty healthcare facility in Mumbai, is expected to vaccinate maximum people by March. As a COVID-19 centre, Saifee is among the 13 private hospitals selected to lead the vaccination drive in the city from March 4th, 2021.

With an easy, seamless process from registration to vaccination, the Hospital has ensured a safe experience for those going to Saifee for the vaccine. As per the Government stipulation, an open part of the Hospital has been divided into four parts – Registration, Counselling Centre, Vaccination Centre, and Post-Vaccine Observation Area. The mandatory two-metre social distancing is being observed mandatorily while sanitizers are provided at every corner of the hospital. The estimated turnaround is 500+ people every day at Saifee. The on-going vaccination drive is a real fight against the COVID-19 battle.

Those aged between 45 to 60 years have to carry a medical certificate stating their medical condition in order to be eligible for the shot.

Commenting on its massive vaccination drive, Dr. Shabina Shaikh – Asst. Director – Medical Administration, Saifee Hospital, said, “As a COVID-19 centre, our hospital was closely involved in the fight against the pandemic. We have all been eagerly waiting for the vaccine drive to kick in so as to improve mass immunity. With a year into the pandemic, it is critical to win this battle against the virus and move ahead with our regular lives. We would appreciate if every citizen comes forward to get the first dose of the vaccine as soon as possible. At Saifee, we are taking every precaution proposed by the government for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.”


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