Saifee Bags ICC Healthcare Award for Best Hospital in Quality Control

Saifee hospital, a renowned multi-specialty healthcare facility and Mumbai’s leading COVID-19 care hospital, won the Indian Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Award 2021 for ‘Best Hospital in Quality Control’ and ‘Healthcare Delivery’ in Western India in the 50-299 beds category. It was also named the runner-up for the ‘Hospital of the Year’. The awards were conceptualised with the goal of recognising, analysing, and encouraging the role of hospitals, insurance service providers, and medical equipment providers across India. With this award, Saifee Hospital cements its position as the leading healthcare service provider in Western India.

The award for ‘Best Hospital in Quality Control’ was conferred on the basis of three main factors, namely, creating high standards in patient satisfaction, taking concrete steps in establishing sustainable practices, and providing high-quality healthcare services. ‘Healthcare Delivery’ was decided on the basis of innovation, excellence, clinical effectiveness, health outcomes and efficiency, patient experience and quality of care, outstanding achievements, and following best practices in areas of healthcare delivery.

The category ‘Hospital of the Year’ recognised applicants that created a significant societal impact and promoted sustainable development. The winning hospitals had set a high bar in delivering exemplary patient management services, implemented effective infection-control programs, deployed new-age technologies for advanced care while acquiring clinical and operational excellence.

Expressing pleasure at the recognition, Tasneem Fidvi – Assistant Director, Administration, Saifee Hospital, said, “Coming at the heels of a challenging 2020, we are very proud of these awards conferred by the ICC. These are some of the most stringent and well-recognised awards in the industry and to qualify among the best in healthcare services is itself a great honour. To be named among the top hospitals in the Western region confirms our commitment toward improving the standard of care of each patient who walks through our doors. Over the last few years, we have initiated a number of steps for sustainable development.. As a leading COVID care facility in the country, the ICC’s recognition of our services is highly welcome.

ICC received 68 entries across different categories and regions for the  Commerce Healthcare Award 2021. Of these, 55 were shortlisted on the basis of pre-defined eligibility requirements. An independent jury of experts was assigned to review the entries and assign scores on a scale of 1 to 20. On the basis of their consolidated scores, KPMG independently tabulated the final scores to arrive at 40 winners across all categories. The top 3 highest scorers in each category were awarded winner, first runner-up, and second-runner-up across regions.


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