An overview of key insights from Everteen's 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023

Public Health and Menstrual Hygiene: Discoveries from Everteen’s 2023 Survey

Everteen’s 8th Annual Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2023 presents critical data about the state of public health infrastructure for menstrual hygiene in India. This comprehensive survey, involving nearly 10,000 women between the ages of 18 to 35 from across various Indian cities, revealed that 80% of women feel uncomfortable changing sanitary pads at a public toilet. This concern extends beyond mere comfort, as 92.3% of women surveyed were aware that dirty toilets can be a major cause for urinary tract infections (UTI), reinforcing the health hazards posed by unsanitary public facilities.

Moreover, 62.9% of women have either never or only rarely used a public toilet at offices, malls, or cinema halls for changing sanitary pads. The reluctance to use public restrooms for personal hygiene needs highlights a significant gap in the current state of public health facilities.

These findings underscore the need for a drastic improvement in public health infrastructure pertaining to menstrual hygiene. Enhancing the cleanliness and hygiene standards of public toilets, providing proper menstrual waste disposal systems, and ensuring easy accessibility to these facilities could significantly improve the situation. By making these changes, public health policymakers can ensure that menstruating women feel comfortable and safe, reducing the risk of health complications.


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