Psychological and Spiritual Quotient – An Indicator of One’s Mental Health

  • By ModMonk Anshul, Business Psychologist | Spiritual Coach |Mystic

A person’s psychology and spiritual quotient plays a huge role in determining the mental health. They are like two wheels on which the individual balances his/her life on. Disorders or maintaining mental health has to start from self, only then can we come close to achieving a society that functions in harmony.

Human’s thinking process and patterns are fixed with layers of conditioning through multiple centuries that result in psychological breakdowns and self-destructive or constructive behaviours. We have even accepted the mental disorders and other aspects to mental health as we are told, without understanding or questioning it.

Can we maintain a well-balanced, calm mind and can we cultivate this as an important aspect in children as a thumb rule of living a happy life?

Yes, but there are challenges and not new but rather old challenges. Our thinking processes, our structured society, our norms our so-called criteria of living, etc.

Like mentioned earlier we need to look at both aspects – psychological and spiritual. For many, spirituality is an area they rather not deal in or want to keep aside when you speak of mind and body fitness. But what you do not understand is that if you want to be happy with a sound mind, you will be spiritually inclined, whether you know it or not, whether you believe it or not.

This Mental Health Day, I persuade you to go on a journey of understanding yourself that purely means to be aware of your actions, reactions, triggers, things that makes happy or upset you, words or tone, emotions you dwell in more often.

While making decisions – what is your state of mind? Are you honest? Do you function through love or fear of judgment? When you start understanding all this, you uncover facets of your being & personality and look at what is happening in your mind.

This will help to uncover the root causes of your suffering, or pain or heartache.

More often than not, what you see or think are never the root cause. For example – If you have had a fight with your partner over cheating or doubting, it can be because you have entered in a relationship with insecurities which could be rooted in your previous relationships as a lover, friend or child etc. The feeling of insecurity is carried forward and then reused to make yourself feel stable – as that is the only way your mind knows! The point you need to think about is – What and Where is my root cause?

This journey of self-exploration is the first step into ‘spiritual awakening’.

This will help one understand the psychology of self, but it cannot be without spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness solely means, being completely present and an absolute observer of your being (spirit). When you are witnessing and scrutinizing the behaviours, attitude and root causes of your nature, you have to be free from the attachment of ‘ME‘. You need to see yourself, this body and the world around as an observer, only then you get a holistic view and be completely non-judgmental about your choices, behaviours and patterns.

Once we are spiritually aware, the concept of acceptance seeps in. Acceptance here means no more conflict in mind or body about the situation one is in. What is, is.

And when there is acceptance in this form, your karma (action) is not oriented in previous or future results, rather they are in the present. One start becoming aware in the present moment, as they are spiritually aware, and understand what they think and how they react, their patterns begin to change. There is a shift in your mental state and psychology.

Then one will start looking at life including everything; work, personal life, every relation, goal, ambition through a holistic view. Through the eyes of the universe- you start realizing that you are part of a much bigger picture and are still important for your own growth and people around. It is at this level of awakening that you will start to experience sparks of conflict-free state of mind.

You have to die to the past if you ever want to live for the present, and this can happen only if you are spiritually aware.

Remember the old mind, however, experienced will never be all innocent. Be aware, it will always bring its biases and judgements along to disrupt the peace of mind.

I advise, when looking at creating and maintaining a healthy state of mind from now on, be ready for some unpleasant memories while you uncover. While doing it keep your spiritual awareness at high alert to look at things non-judgmentally. Remember, when you start cleaning a corner of the room; the first thing that comes out is dirt. The same principle applies while cleansing the mind and soul. Just have the courage, don’t get overwhelmed or afraid.

To maintain good mental health, you need to understand the ‘spiritual and psychological’ aspects of our being. And to walk on a spiritual path, you need to have a stable mind and non-judgmental understanding of self. They are all interlinked in a way that cannot be separated ever.

Spirituality is the coin; mental health and psychology are two non-separating sides of the coin.


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