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Petco Opens 100th In-Store Veterinary Hospital; Celebrates Rapid Expansion Milestone

Petco, a complete partner in pet health and wellness, today announced the opening of its 100th in-store veterinary hospital, located in Encinitas, Calif. The hospital opening serves as a significant milestone on Petco’s rapid veterinary expansion journey, given the increased need for accessible and affordable veterinary care.

“Petco has doubled down on our full-service veterinary care expansion plans over the past year, and we’re thrilled to be opening our 100th in-store veterinary hospital in Encinitas – a location that neighbors our corporate offices in San Diego,” said Mike Nuzzo, Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer at Petco. “We’re especially proud to continue expansion during this time, as vet care is in higher demand than ever. The pandemic has caused a spike in adoption and fostering rates, and pet ownership is projected to increase by roughly four percent this year. This has caused an influx of new pet parents all prioritizing accessible and affordable health as well as wellness partnership and solutions, which we’re pleased to offer.”

The Encinitas in-store hospital opening is in partnership with THRIVE Affordable Vet Care, which Petco established a relationship with in 2017 as a priority, regional veterinary partner. Additional regional veterinary partners contributing to veterinary growth plans include Global Veterinary Partners (GVP), VetnCare and Vetco Total Care. Petco’s regional full-service vet partnerships complement the company’s suite of health and wellness services and experiences for pets and pet parents.

Through continued success with current veterinary partners and the local partner model, Petco has more than doubled its count of full-service in-store vet hospitals in the span of a year. The partnerships are meant to strengthen Petco’s existing suite of veterinary services offerings. The current ecosystem includes easy access to preventive care, vaccination clinics, full-service hospitals, telehealth, pharmacy services, pet insurance and membership programs – all to ensure personalized, accessible and affordable care options for pet parents. Building upon veterinary hospital growth over the past year, Petco expects to increase momentum through the end of FY20.

“We remain committed to driving positive change in the overall health and wellness of pets, and the growth of in-store veterinary hospitals at Petco helps us uphold this commitment,” said Dr. Whitney Miller, Director of Veterinary Medicine at Petco. “Our ultimate goal with rapid veterinary expansion is to provide more opportunities for pet parents to establish and maintain a lifelong relationship with their veterinarian. Continuously expanding our network and setting new growth goals keeps us on track to make this possible for pets and pet parents on a broad scale.”


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