Natural Ingredient in Ayurveda which help our body to heal from within

Ayurveda is a natural healing system to heal humans from disease and enable natural ageing. Everything in nature has a healing property. How and when to use it, is the key. How part is little bit known to many but when is the key. In ayurveda nature has a timing factor. When has huge importance in healing nature? Same ingredient can act differently when used at a different time.

There are five elements and three either energies which govern the body’s health. We fall ill or age salty then there is imbalance of the above element and either energy. Every being has these, and the only difference is the composition of elements that defines the change in every substance. It like basic components that are up, genetic material is changed but a slight percentage change will denote a difference between banana and human being. In this all complexity time as a factor is key for using natural ingredients.

During the day the first 4 hours is earth either energy, later 4 hours is fire either energy or later 4 has dominance of Air based either energy. It’s difficult to lay down the details of each pattern here but in short first is heavy, later heat dominating and last is more mobile or movement based or non-inertia based. Same in natural ingredients when consumed in the morning can act in a way and different actions can be seen when consumed in evening.

Natural ingredients act differently when used in food and differently when used in Ayurvedic preparation. In ayurveda we say Food expresses its properties more in guts and Herbs can express it right from when they enter the body. Natural ingredients should be used in the right manner and right quantity also.

Water– water is the most important natural ingredient and is like a neutral medium. it takes up the properties of whatever we infuse it with. With ginger it helps in digestion with its heat properties and with cardamom it is cooling yet helping in digestion. Try and use water wisely too much of alkaline water will not help us nor too much acidic. Avoid too alkaline water before meals.

Coconut oil– healing fats in coconut oil all know about it. The best thing is to have it early morning with a pinch of pepper in it empty stomach

Pepper– helps in digestion and absorption of food. It is the most useful natural ingredient available to keep our system metabolism going in the right direction

Aloe Vera– cooling nature and has healing properties, has good antioxidants in it

Ginger – best natural ingredient to improve immunity, can be best used with jaggery and pinch of pepper

Coriander seeds– helps to cool the body but yet keep up with the metabolism of the body.

Cumin seeds– digestive and carminative  

Turmeric – helps to build good immunity, helps cells to regulate their energy flow

Betel leaf– helps in digestion, it’s a medium to take other ingredients to the right full cell tissues.

It’s important to get in touch with those who really understand these details and then be open to the professional about the health goals. Once this is clear it is easy to plan a balanced diet and lifestyle using the natural ingredients around it. Nature is slow but steady. The moment it shows unsteady features like an earthquake, cloud burst, the storm we tend to be not so happy. Nature has its own course to turn around, a season to season change or annual change all are gradual and we need to enjoy them. Same way Ayurveda can help along with these natural ingredients to make that change happen for good within your body and mind as aging is a process but the experience, we cumulate through the journey are priceless 

  • The author of this article is Dr Onkar Rajiv Bilgi- Co-founder We R Wellness


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