National Coronavirus Hotline Goes Live With Launch to the Public in California

National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH), an online information resource and treatment center for COVID-19 coronavirus built and managed by Pandemics Projects Inc. is launching in California after concluding its beta testing.

After completing two months closed beta testing with over 2000 patients from all over California, NCH is proud to announce that it is launching in all of California. 

Public health departments and stakeholder groups want to quickly deploy healthcare services to large populations during health emergencies and NCH automates and simplifies this mass delivery of healthcare services.

NCH is unique because it enables, cities, counties, states, non-profits, foundations, and for-profit companies to launch targeted healthcare campaigns to deliver healthcare-related services to their constituents at scale and track the performance of these services in real-time. NCH makes it possible, with the click of a button, to buy and distribute healthcare-related services – just like any online service – in less than 15 minutes.

“Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we now understand better that most cities, counties, states, foundations, and non-profits are not prepared to deal with a major public health emergency, and vulnerable populations face disproportionate risk compared to those with greater means,” stated Dr, Michael J.  Garbade, project lead.

NCH is starting off with coronavirus, flu, and respiratory medical issues with more services to be added in the future. NCH is following the new trend of consumerization of healthcare services. Eligible users can apply for access to free services:

Telemedicine. Eligible users in California can book and initiate a video call with participating physicians and other medical professionals from the comfort, safety, and convenience of their homes. Medical experts will assess symptoms, determine if a COVID-19 test is needed, and provide medical advice on how to take care of anyone in the household who is sick. 

Mental Health Service. Stress, worry, and anxiety are normal feelings during uncertain times, and mental health is just as important as physical health and even more so during public health emergencies. With NCH, patients can speak with licensed mental health professionals to get support and advice without having to leave their homes.

Disinfection Services. Eligible users in California that are worried about the presence of the virus in their home or facilities, can book professional disinfection services.

NCH is building a scalable software infrastructure for governments, states, counties, and private foundations to deliver services to people in a traceable, lean, and cost-efficient way. For more information about NCH, visit


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