Mumbai Marathon Brings Visually Impaired Youth Together for Peace: JITO Ahimsa Run

In an innovative move, the IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run, supported by Torrent Group, invites over 500 visually impaired children to take part in a Mumbai marathon on April 2nd, 2023. These resilient participants, aged 12 and above, come from diverse specialized schools and blind organizations and will put their skills to the test in 10 km, 5 km, and 3 km race categories.

JITO Mumbai Zone Chairman, Prithviraj Kothari, expresses gratitude for the opportunity to bear witness to these inspiring young athletes who have risen above physical challenges to embrace and promote peace, empathy, and non-violence. Their unwavering determination has contributed to the event’s success.

According to Mahendra Jain, JITO Mumbai Zone Vice Chairman, the immense response from visually impaired children throughout Maharashtra has strengthened the organization’s resolve to promote diversity and inclusivity. The IIFL JITO Ahimsa Run unites participants from all walks of life in the quest for peace.

To prepare for the marathon, organizers will provide training programs specifically designed for visually impaired children. In addition to receiving cash prizes, trophies, medals, and certificates, these young competitors will enjoy designated areas at the venue for reporting and flag-offs, ensuring their security and well-being.

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