MGM Healthcare Pulls Off an Incredible Medical Feat, Saving the Life of a Newborn with a Complex Brain Surgery

It was a race against time, but the team at MGM Healthcare emerged victorious, performing a miraculous brain surgery on a day-old newborn to remove a huge blood clot. Led by the skilled hands of Dr. L.S. Harishchandra, the hospital’s consultant neurosurgeon and specialist in pediatric, epilepsy, and movement disorder surgery, the team left no stone unturned to save the infant’s life.

The baby arrived at MGM Healthcare’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit from an outside hospital, presenting with alarming symptoms such as drowsiness and an unwillingness to feed. With their expertise, the team quickly conducted an MRI scan that uncovered the root of the problem: a massive blood clot that was blocking the normal flow of fluid in the brain and compressing the brain stem.

The brain stem is responsible for crucial bodily functions like breathing, heart rate, and consciousness. Any disruption to this vital part of the brain can have severe consequences, making time of the essence for the medical team. They swiftly performed a two-step surgical procedure to remove the clot, with Dr. Harishchandra at the helm.

According to Dr. Harishchandra, the surgery was a complex and challenging one, especially given that it was on a newborn. It required not only surgical skill but also quick thinking and a team effort. The procedure took around five hours, during which the infant was closely monitored by the Neonatal team.

Thanks to the skill and dedication of the team, the baby survived the operation and is now thriving. It’s been several months since the procedure, and the infant is hitting all the developmental milestones expected of a child her age. It’s a remarkable outcome for a case that’s rare, with only around 100 similar cases reported globally.

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