Medikabazaar conducts delivery of medical supplies through drone delivery

     Medikabazaar intends to begin using drones to make to make deliveries of critical and emergency medical supplies, vaccines, and lifesaving drugs.  They are conducting this pilot project to understand and sort out the critical issues of last-minute delivery through drones.  This pilot project, currently in Bengaluru in the first phase, will be extended as a second phase trial. The second phase of trial will be improvised from the first phase of trials.

     Medikabazaar will be supplying medical supplies in the B2B space via drones. The company recently launched the pilot drone project in collaboration with Redwing Labs to transport medical supplies by choosing drones as an alternative source in emergency scenarios. In Bengaluru, the first phase of trial has been attempted. The used drone has a maximum range of 35 kilometers and can deliver payload weighing from 1 KG up to 10 KGs.

   The project aims to serve multiple places across rural, urban and semi urban cities for medical supplies including the areas where the delivery is severe through conventional modes. The pilot project has been planned to make healthcare accessible to all areas including the remotest of all to overcome emergent situations. The initiative also seeks to reduce the burden on frontline health workers and supply chain management. Drones delivering medical supplies directly to healthcare centers saves time and helps healthcare workers in delivering patient care.


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