Max Protein ropes in Kartik Aaryan as brand ambassador, launches ‘Protein Police’ campaign

Max Protein, the market leader in protein bars and cookies, has partnered with Bollywood superstar Kartik Aaryan to launch an exciting campaign focused on healthy snacking. Aaryan will act as the brand ambassador and lead the ‘Protein Police’ force to educate consumers about the importance of incorporating protein into one’s diet and promote Max Protein’s protein-rich snacks as a healthy snacking option.

“As a fitness aficionado, I believe that adequate protein intake plays a crucial role in living a healthy lifestyle, which should ideally be a necessity rather than a choice,” said Aaryan. “I am pleased to come onboard with Max Protein to endorse and further boost the idea of healthy yet tasty protein bars and cookies.”

The campaign, aimed at the younger generation, leverages Aaryan’s popularity and fan base to augment Max Protein’s brand image and build a stronger connection with its target audience. Max Protein also plans to launch limited edition products featuring Aaryan’s image to create buzz and drive sales. The brand’s commitment to innovating and introducing new protein-rich snacks that cater to changing consumer preferences will continue to make Max Protein a go-to brand for those seeking delicious yet nutritious snacking options.


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