Marpai’s AI-Powered Health Predictions Gain Traction with URAC Accredited Care Management

Marpai, Inc., (“Marpai”) (Nasdaq: MRAI), a deep learning technology company transforming the $1T+ self-funded health insurance market with AI-powered services, launches Marpai Cares, its premier AI-powered proactive health service. Marpai Cares provides health plan members with early interventions to help prevent or reduce near-term health events related to chronic illnesses and major procedures in order to prevent costly claims. 

Using proprietary, predictive deep learning models, Marpai identifies near-term health events related to chronic illness (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and COPD) and major procedures (such as knee surgery) to enable member actions that can prevent costly claims. For chronic illness related health predictions, a Marpai Care Guide reaches out to work with identified members to assist them in creating the right care journey for the best health outcomes. The Marpai Care Guides are licensed clinicians provided by MedWatch, a nationally acclaimed triple URAC accredited care management company. For predictions related to major procedures or high-cost imaging, a Marpai TopCare Advisor reaches out to members to connect them to appropriate top quality in-network providers for the right care. 

“Marpai Cares brings accredited best-in-class clinicians and practices that can help to ensure the best care and disease management experience possible for our members,” says Edmundo Gonzalez, CEO of Marpai. “Our AI-powered predictions provide members with the ability to act early and get the individualized support they need to make the right decisions across their care journey, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly health events.” 

Marpai is an AI-powered TPA (third party administrator) alternative serving employers with self-funded health plans that uses advanced technologies, including proprietary predictive deep learning models, to drive healthcare costs down and health outcomes up. Marpai’s tech-powered solutions can help predict member health states to prevent costly events, elevate care quality, rigorously process claims and empower members to live healthier lives.  

An estimated 69 percent of workers in the U.S. are covered by self-funded insurance plans, according to data from Statista

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