Made in India ‘Covid Comfort Smartguard’ draws huge response from domestic & overseas markets

As the number of Covid-19 cases rise across India, so is the demand for quality protective equipment. To cater to this growing demand for protective gear, Pune-based manufacturing company Bluemark Promotions brought together a R&D team comprising of doctors, engineers and product designers to develop an innovative product – Smartguard Face Shield under their brand Covid Comfort.

Within a month of its launch, the Smartguard face shield has generated a huge response in both domestic as well as international markets. The Made in India product has become to go-to protective equipment for healthcare professionals and people moving out of their homes to resume work.

“We have observed that the mass public finds it difficult and inconvenient to wear face masks since restricts comfortable breathing and also causes hindrance while talking. Face shields, though provide better protection are either too delicate or too heavy for the users to wear all day. The Smartguard provides best-in-class safety and comfort for the people and within a month of its launch we are receiving an overwhelming response from the Indian market as well as overseas. We are now working towards increasing our daily production capacity from 5,000 pcs a day to 10,000 pcs by end of this month” said Sachin Lunavat, Founder Director, Bluemark Promotions.

The Smartguard weighs merely 100 grams and is designed to completely cover the users face. The shield comes with replaceable visors and filters – something no other product provides in this category and is designed to provide users a comfortable wearing experience without any fogging or voice echo.

“It is really encouraging that the Smartguard has become the first choice for all health workers and the general public. We are receiving requests from distributors across India who are interested in associating with us to ensure it reaches to the mass public. Apart from the Indian market we will also be exporting this to San Francisco, Italy, Canada, UAE, Ecuador, Nairobi and other countries. The Smartguard is one of our first patented products under our brand ‘Covid Comfort’ and we have many more innovations in the pipeline focused towards pushing manufacturing of quality medical devices in India.” Said Yash Lunavat, CEO, Bluemark Promotions.

The Covid Comfort Smartguard face shields are available across India at all major medical stores. The company has also made them available through leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Given the growing demand for the product and the urgent need of protective products for fighting the pandemic, Bluemark Promotions has rapidly expanded its distribution network in the last month. Anyone interested in becoming a distributor can contact them through the company website


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