Liver Tumour removed through surgery, without transplantation at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai

Liver Cancer, is one of the leading causes of death among cancer patients worldwide. Generally, liver cancer affects people with chronic liver conditions such as liver cirrhosis or chronic viral hepatitis and the treatment would include liver transplantation surgery.

Kauvery Hospital Chennai, one of the leading healthcare chains in Tamil Nadu treated a 27 –year- old man from Bangladesh who was diagnosed with liver cancer with pre-existence of liver Cirrhosis. “The tumour was very large in size (15x12cm) and hence transplantation was not suitable as it would lead to recurrence. After thorough investigations and multi-disciplinary discussion, tumour was removed by surgery , leaving behind adequate functional liver,” said Dr Elankumaran, Senior Consultant – Liver Transplantation & HPB Surgery, Clinical Lead, – Liver Diseases & Transplantation Centre, Kauvery Hospitals.

In most cases, 60% of liver will be removed in a surgery, whereas in this case 70% was removed owing to the large sized tumour. Now, the patient will be surviving on 30% liver for rest of his life.

Cases like these require surgeons with adequate expertise and a centre with multi-disciplinary care. “We are proud to say that Kauvery Hospital is one of the very few centres in India, who have the expertise and fully equipped infrastructure in performing complex surgeries with utmost care. I congratulate Dr Elankumaran and team for successfully providing the same,” says Dr Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director, Kauvery Hospital.

Department of Liver Diseases and Transplantation:

The department of liver diseases and transplantation centre at Kauvery hospital includes ,minimally invasive Liver surgery, extended Liver Resections with vascular reconstruction for gallbladder cancer and cholangiocarcinoma, complicated Pancreatic resections, Porto-Systemic Shunt surgeries for Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension, Living Donor Liver Transplantation, Pediatric Liver Transplantation and ABO incompatible Liver Transplantation.


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