Life Save Foundation NGO will help Children with cancer through proceeds from an art show ‘Embodiment of Goddess Durga’

Art is one medium of communication where the message is derived based on each individual’s interpretations. One such art show showcased the Embodiment of Goddess Durga and many other feature art by Artist Radhika Powar which has the true potential to captivate your mind and submerge you in a constant trail of thought as to what the art depicts. This exhibition cum sale bantered hundreds of art enthusiasts who not only got to experience her paintings, but many got an opportunity to purchase it and call it their own. The proceeds from this event shall be donated to the ‘Life Save foundation’, an NGO which is dedicatedly working towards helping and safeguarding children with Cancer.

When asked Artist Radhika Powar about her art show, she mentioned. “I am very grateful to see the overwhelming response we received from all the art patrons who managed to physically be present and experience my art in spite of all the COVID 19 Restrictions. Through this exhibition, I not only got to showcase my art to such great people but also got to help children with cancer through the proceeds of this exhibition. I am truly honored that I got this wonderful opportunity to showcase my art at the renowned Nehru Centre Art Gallery. It feels great to see that which we are moving towards a technological era, we still have a community who still appreciates and empowers traditional art and art form.”

The valedictory was graced by respected & renowned Senior Artist Shri Padmanabh Bendre. This 7-day art show featured various canvas paintings representing the Embodiment of Goddess Durga, Apsaras from Hoysala Dynasty, Gajaatmaka, and a Series on Classical Dance.


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