Jehangir Hospital Launches State-of-the-art Upgraded Mother and Child Center

     Jehangir Hospital in Pune, Maharashtra, launched an advanced and upgraded Zodiac Care Labor and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The hospital will be guided by highly skilled clinicians in obstetrics, gynecology, fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatrics, and pediatric subspecialties, with newly installed technology.

    The Mother and Child care unit consists of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Pediatrics and Neonatology Department, Intensive care units of Pediatrics and Neonate, Fetal Medicine Department, Emergency and Trauma Center, Operation theaters including services physiotherapy, diet consultations, specialized obstetric nurses, lactation consultation and in-house laboratory unit and 24/7 blood bank.

     The unit has the support of a multidisciplinary team that handles complex cases. It is also supported by one of the best intensivists making it the center for cases like gestational diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. The unit offers complete care focusing on personalized patient during and after pregnancy. The department of Obstetrics works to monitor and ensure the safety of the child and the mother by facilitating natural deliveries. The unit treats patients with obstetric, medical, surgical, or genetical complications focusing on high-risk pregnancies.


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