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I2cure BioShield proven 99.9% effective against coronavirus: US Based laboratory proclaims

In the time of the global pandemic, I2cure launched their BioShield in India which is a research of Dr. Jack Kessler (Father of I2) an FDA Compliant, ISO 9001:2015, and WHO GMP certified product. Recently, a study was conducted in compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) which stated that I2Cure demonstrates virucidal activity against SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 as compared to the 30 second exposure virus control which makes it effective against COVID. FDA has also defined persistence of I2cure as microbicidal activity over a 6 hour time period in the test reports. The report claims that at and after application of I2cure, for 6 hours, the virus is completely DEAD which makes the product 99.9% effective against COVID-19.

The test and study was done to determine the minimum virucidal activity against SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 virus of a chemical disinfectant in contact with medical instruments, surfaces or hands, according to the method BS EN 14476 by CEN (European Committee for Standardization). It was also to determine the activity of chemical disinfectants that form a homogeneous, physically stable preparation in hard water – or in the case of ready-to-use products – with distilled water, and in the conditions in which they are used.

“I2Cure stands apart from other quick-fix topical disinfectants like alcohol based sanitizers as it provides iodine protection to the skin. I2cure is absorbed in the skin releasing a vapour which builds a protective shield and acts as antimicrobial material up to 6 hours”, says Dr. Kessler, Inventor, I2cure.

Unlike the alcohol-based sanitizers, I2Cure provides 12-hour, fool-proof protection against viral, bacterial, and fungal threats. Moreover, iodine nourishes and hydrates the skin as opposed to dry and cracked skin from alcohol-based products. As molecular iodine is the active agent in I2Cure, it has the ability to enter your skin, leaving no stain or smell. This prevents it from being washed away or rubbed off.

There have been several studies which stated that iodine is effective against COVID-19. Povidone iodine which has been introduced to the market has only about 5-10 part per million of active molecular iodine and the rest is all junk. Dr. Kessler has developed a method to stabilize molecular iodine which is 100 times more effective and powerful than povidone iodine. Not only is this molecular iodine based I2cure is providing protection against covid, but is effective against all bacteria, fungal, viral infection, tuberculosis, TInea and all kinds of skin diseases.

I2Cure is a bio-shield antiseptic lotion and an easy, single-use broad-spectrum antimicrobial that provides the protection of iodine against COVID-19. It is the first company in the world to provide molecular Iodine based ‘Bio Shield’, a deep cleaning hand lotion that is not just effective and safe, but also provides nourishment to the human skin. I2cure is going to be a magic drug of the future and will be taken across the globe.


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