HopeQure expands its footprints in the US markets

After successfully establishing its presence in the Indian market, India’s fastest growing online mental wellness platform, HopeQure is now expanding its footprints in the US market. This expansion is yet another step towards HopeQure becoming a leading global mental health counseling company.

HopeQure is currently in the mid of launching its Mental Wellness Platform in the US after having achieved HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) security certification. HopeQure has developed a robust platform with its own video calling secure infrastructure with appointment booking and follow-up engine for customers and corporate employees that is backed by advance technologies like AI, NLP, Computer Vision, and AI Chat that recognizes and values emotions for effective diagnosis and treatment of mental health related issues. HopeQure has also developed for students, faculties, and corporate employees over 100 time-bound mental wellness program modules that help the first-timers get assessments, worksheets, diagnosis report, and counselling under a time-bound packaged program. HopeQure’s corporate employee mental wellness programs are fairly helpful in effectively handling the employee mental wellness related issues leading to improved productivity and happiness among corporate employees.

Speaking about the same Mr. Vivek Sagar, Founder & CEO, HopeQure Wellness Solutions said, with over 1 billion people suffering from mental health disorders, 3 million people dying every year due to harmful use of alcohol and with one person dying every 40 seconds by suicide, mental health is at the center stage for improving the quality of life globally. Despite this, over 75% of people with mental, neurological, and substance abuse disorders do not receive or seek treatment. This impacts the productivity and growth of the company, individual or the country adversely, as the best asset, i.e. manpower does not remain effectively productive. Only 2% of the countries health budgets are spent on Mental health whereas it’s a proven fact that if US$1 is invested in mental health improvement, it would return US$5 in improved productivity and health savings.

 “With over 15% of all global cases of anxiety and depression coming from India, there is an urgent need for attention in this space and government, as well as IRDA, have framed the right rules by bringing in Mental Health into the domain of insurance effective 1st October 2020.  Protection of clients health information and confidentiality of clients data as per international standards is a much-needed requirement of the mental health counseling clients that HopeQure has fulfilled by achieving HIPAA certification for its counseling and corporate employee wellness program clients”.

HopeQure has also had initial contacts with various physiatrists, psychologists, universities, hospitals, and schools for effectively helping through the counselling and packaged programs. By 2021, HopeQure aims to be seen as an established and recognized player in mental health in the US market.

HopeQure has been leading the mental health counseling industry in India with its active interactions with stakeholders including the insurance companies for complying with the latest supreme court directive, IRDA, and government order on the inclusion of mental health treatment under insurance plans, acceptance of mental health as a normal pre-existing disease and to promote mental health counseling and make it affordable through insurance policies for the benefit of common people in India. 


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