GALF brings “Wellness at your Fingertips” through Airtel Payments Bank

The pandemic has taken its toll on the mental, physical and emotional health of individuals across the world. Corporates have shifted to the work from home environment and it sounded like it could have been a relief to some, many suffered through the harsh blow of pay cuts, extra working hours alongside being cooped up at home. Mental and emotional wellbeing also became a raging concern this year and people felt the need to invest in caring for their mental health. India’s fastest growing wellness eco-system provider GALF (Get a Life Fitness) has collaborated with Airtel Payments Bank (APB) to add value in lives of estimated 3.1 crore active customers. As part of the collaboration GALF is offering time bound exclusive discounts and offers on leading health and wellness products and services to APB customers.

GALF is a niche B2B2C wellness market place that curates and hosts the finest products from leading international brands like Garmin, Vibram, Healthtrek, Fast&Up, Aromica Tea, PawaCollagen and XAMAX Ergonomics to name a few. GALF is also a high quality holistic wellness ecosystem provider to the top corporate brands in India. GALF has also onboarded Mr. Vighnesh Shahane- MD and CEO IDBI Federal Life Insurance in its already decorated Advisory board of Mr Ram Gopal, CEO, Barclays Bank India and Mr Rajnish Virmani, Managing Partner, Positive Momentum recently.

Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO, GALF said, “we are committed to creating avenues and opportunities that help our clients and customers embrace wellness as a lifestyle. Employee Wellbeing is a strategic priority for corporates after COVID, as they view it as an imperative employee value proposition. Our strategic collaboration with Airtel Payments Bank will help the end customers enjoy the high quality wellness products and services at market leading offers and discounts.”


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