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It started with the UK but the renowned organisers of Future Health Innovation have recently announced the launch of a full series of digital events – the Health Week Series. Concentrating on key markets around the world, there will be a Summer and Autumn event in the UK plus events in United Arab Emirates, India, Africa and Asia with more to be confirmed.

Focused on innovation and technology in health, The Health Week Series are a series of online networking events and conferences, bringing together health professionals in a safe environment from the comfort of their home or office.

Event Director Dawn Barclay-Ross commented, “We are delighted to be able to bring the Future Health Innovation concept to our health professionals in a safe environment. The Health Week Series offers buyers and sellers the perfect opportunity to explore new possibilities and new relationships using our unique digital platform, without the time and financial impact of live event networking. They do not need to get on a plane or travel to identify new products and services in health that might be right for the citizens of the world.”

Barclay-Ross added, “This year-round DIGITAL showcase of innovative healthcare products and solutions is where professionals from the world of health connect, meet buyers and partake in cross border purchasing, education and deal making.”

Not only will the Health Week Series be informative networking events but, as a CPD member, they will also allow delegates to add to their CPD qualifying points. Covering key topics around the areas of technology, pandemic planning, healthcare manufacture and mental health and wellbeing, The Health Week Series will be the virtual platform to educate, network and build new relationships.

The Current dates for the Health Week Series includes: UK Summer 8-10 June; United Arab Emirates 21-24 June; Africa 12-15 July; Asia and India 13-16 September; UK Autumn 5-7 October; and USA to be confirmed but likely to be in the Autumn.

Complimenting the Health Week Series is the innovative 365 Platform, a paid for platform, which provides health professionals with a continuous showcase to meet buyers and partake in cross border purchasing, education and deal making, again from the comfort of their desk or smart device. Visit futurehealthinnovations.com/365-digital-platform for more information.

The series is currently open for speakers, sponsors and delegates, visit www.healthweekseries.com for more information or call +44 (0) 208 0128511.


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