FEELM Leads Green Revolution at UK Vaping Industry’s Inaugural Eco-Summit

FEELM, an innovative tech brand, took center stage at the UK Vaping Industry Association’s groundbreaking ‘Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping’ summit. The virtual gathering delved into fostering synergy, cutting-edge innovations, and regulatory adaptation to address the vaping sector’s ecological challenges.

The summit aimed to create a Greenprint for Sustainable Vaping, mobilizing environmental initiatives to nurture a greener vaping industry. Key discussions included establishing nationwide recycling and waste treatment infrastructure, driving forward next-gen vape technologies that facilitate recycling and reuse, and cultivating consumer and retailer engagement in eco-friendly vaping practices.

Echo Liu, European Division Director for FEELM, emphasized the need for united environmental efforts across the industry, asserting, “Providing eco-friendly vaping solutions and tackling the careless discarding of disposable vapes are essential.” UKVIA Director General John Dunne concurred, highlighting the necessity of increased education and collaboration between regulators, industry stakeholders, and environmental management experts.

Committed to advancing sustainability, FEELM encourages eco-conscious strategies among its partners. Echo stressed the critical role consumers play in recycling and advocated for collective action within the vaping industry to accelerate environmental progress. Through FEELM’s sustainable approach, partners can enjoy enhanced social and business outcomes, securing consumer trust and loyalty, setting their brand apart from competitors, and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

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