FedEx Express Pushes the Boundaries of Healthcare Logistics at Great Indian Biologics Festival 2023

The 2nd Annual Great Indian Biologics Festival 2023 is set to push the boundaries of healthcare logistics as FedEx Express showcases its innovative solutions. In response to the growing demand for cold chain logistics in India, FedEx will display its comprehensive range of cutting-edge healthcare packaging and tracking technology.

For the first time in India, FedEx will unveil its latest proprietary technology, the SenseAware SM M4. This advanced monitoring device collects real-time data for critical shipments, guaranteeing their safe and secure delivery. With its versatile design, including multiple sensors, airplane mode, and compatibility with both FedEx and non-FedEx transportation networks, the SenseAware SM M4 is the solution for the future of healthcare logistics.

Healthcare shipments require strict temperature control and reliable transit times. To meet these demands, FedEx offers a variety of packaging solutions, including the Medpack Thermo 13, Medpack Frozen 10, Ambient Shipper box, and the innovative and user-friendly Nanocool packaging solution. Nanocool is easy to use, requires no pre-conditioning, and can maintain a constant temperature of 2–8°C for up to 96 hours.

“FedEx is pushing the boundaries of healthcare logistics, delivering innovative solutions that support the integrity, quality, and control of every shipment,” said Suvendu Choudhury, Vice President, Operations-India, FedEx Express. “With door-to-door delivery to over 6,000 postal codes in India and the option for FedEx Priority Alert Plus™, we are committed to providing a superior experience for our customers.”

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