Dr. Roma Kumar joining LISSUN team

Dr. Roma Kumar Joins LISSUN to Innovate Child Mental Health Services

Renowned psychologist Dr. Roma Kumar is now part of the LISSUN team, one of India’s leading mental health platforms. This collaboration marks a significant shift towards innovative child mental health care services. With Dr. Kumar’s 35 years of extensive experience in the field, the partnership aims to redefine child mental healthcare.

The collaboration aims to establish 10+ Phygital child development centres across India, perfectly integrating physical and digital resources to offer comprehensive support and interventions for children. This move represents an innovative approach towards mental health care and showcases the exciting future of the healthcare sector in India.

LISSUN has always been at the forefront of offering comprehensive and accessible mental health care services. The recent inclusion of Dr. Roma Kumar reinforces its commitment towards driving change in child mental health care.

The founders of LISSUN, Krishna Veer Singh and Tarun Gupta, have consistently demonstrated their commitment to improving mental and emotional wellness in society. This new partnership is another significant milestone in their journey to redefine mental health care.


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